Tuesday, July 31, 2012


THE READING of the Galloping Gardener, Hattat and Cleve West, in addition to me regular gardening bloggers or not,  has left me spirit in a rather uneasy mood of creativity. For the last 15 days, I have been planting, relocating, editing,  weeding and trimming this or that.

With lots of pondering and no photos taken.  Now the news in detail.
The Cucurbita, has returned. I thought it would pass away but it did not after the featured pumpkin.  I did some research finding our soil, sandy as hell is the best for this edible. Also having both, female and male flowers, something not very Catholic if you ask me.. It goes airborne up instead of laying flat  thanks to the nature of our garden.

A rectangle.  That is one of the reasons I always thought something missing in the installation. It is boxed in. No matter what I do, or you for that matter, it is always enclosed in straight lines. Depth is not difficult to reach, however, I believe what makes a garden wholesome is the sum of wide and narrow angles to view, even better if there are inclinations for a tromp'oleil here or there.

At any rate, I was able to create a couple of curves in the west garden in a really high bed in front of the house. Barleria repens made it possible, not I.  This plant is essentially a ground cover, discovered by  yours truly while doing time in the LMM Plantation and Parque Donha Ines, an embezzlement Meca,*,  circa 2003.  I thought it could only be propagated by division, but I was mistaken, it is one of those self sown creatures, able and willing to grow on any cracks, weed like.

Barleria repens deserves a single post, I promise for a near future. After all how many plant there could start flat, transforming itself into a hedge, a column or anything in between, with a little help and  support and trimming. 

Finally, having a boxed in garden has some advantages. Unwanted weed  seeds are not flown as they would in wide open spaces.  As a result, my weeding activity is almost none, contrary to a majority of gardeners dedicating long hours to it and  thousands if not millions of words in blogs about how much they hate it or their secrets on the subject.

In our garden, broad leaf weeds are welcome any time if they have a nice appearance with/without bonus flowers.  I have liberated myself. The garden, concrete and all is opened to anyjuan, squatters included if they look cool and add something to the signature and aesthetics on me mind.

   that is that

  * http://www.flmm.org/

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