Saturday, July 21, 2012


 ONE MONTH ago --check the link if you may--    
I wrote about this Plumeria new residence from the north garden to the east one.

It look healthy but somewhat crooked and uneven with a V shape branch that with time will probably break apart.

Before surgery I made up my mind in  terms of the final look, since I have no intention of going through to the procedure  a third time.

I took about an hour. The cut with a pruning saw, making sure of the correct angle for a fast scaring.  Removal of the Turnera, Rhoeo, Pedilanthus and Ruellia, hand digging around the trunk to remove soil  and final lift with a spade. 

The branch with flowers was planted and already found a new home within  90 days...

It certainly looks better, without a tutor since the walls will help to keep it straight... .

Words of wisdom from Chairman Cajan:
 You can make a crook/bended tree grow 
straight if you act in a timely fashion.

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