Monday, August 13, 2012


WHAT do you know?  It is that time of the year when your humble handsome servant, along with not the best and most documented garden and blog in Caribbean, reach another anniversary.  Thanks. 

Suppose they write a blog and nobody came to visit, even if only to check the spelling mistakes one is prone to make.  At any rate, I have reached 30 pounds lost after a year, and 6 months after discovering I had high blood pressure

There are a couple of nice looking new broad leaf weeds that may be adopted.  One pumpkin, a reflective roof pond/marsh/prairie, pretty soon 600 posts mark .

Best of all the olympics are over.

What a waste of energy, effort and resources just to give the impression of the importance of silly human goals with sacrifices of this and that for a medal, recognition after tons of blood, sweat and tears.

It was impressive. I have many doubts the next ones will get close to the technological advance, organization and display the British demonstrated.

If you could not guess why, the Jamaicans are so fast is their beef jerky and jerky chicken with tons of curry. Ironic how  other countries maintain  athletic programs for high performance athletes.... when curry will do it.

I know I am getting somewhat soft in former rough edges. It is not resignation.  Now I focus more in my garden and alternate ones, instead of focusing in issues that I can not change, many people share in their own contexts.

I feel happy and glad to know there are some people out there doing their best to improve a little their environment/habitat for their own and their flora and fauna.  

On the other hand, I miss my grouchy times..

that is that    


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  1. cumpleaños? Si es así, felices y guerrilleros cumpleaños.


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