Sunday, May 1, 2011


WATCHING those Rolls, Jaguars, Bentleys, Aston Martin, not so much the Range Rovers,  was divine. 
It looked like one of those fast and furious automobiles advertisements in geometrically perfect, even, wide and clean pavements without ANY other cars, pot holes or puddles.  

As a fan of the British Empire and Commonwealth for decades,  you know,  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Guinness, Bass, Fine Young Cannibals,The Selector, Ian Dury and the Blockeads, Black Uhuru, Triumph, Sunbeam Alpine and MG, single malt scotch, James Joyce and Gustav Holst, The Planets, Oliver Reed, Helen Mirren, Francis Bacon, Goldfinger, The Clockwork Orange, but not fish and chips.  it was a pleasure.

But honestly and truly, remarkable as hell was the intelligent decision to place those trees in the abbey, a magical touch, heavier than the stupid fairy tale, people lacking imagination talked about.  I thought it was outdoors until me wife told me it was not. 

What about the canopy of those perfectly kept trees in the surroundings without any of them looking like a foolish ice cream in a cone?  Impressive and stimulating.

To observe the institutions defining the STATE, church, military and monarchy a show not to be missed. One could remain in the surface whining about the expense...Forgetting all the tourism and  jobs and money generated in consequence.  A royal wedding is a billion times or two, cheaper that those ridiculously expensive, silly Olympic Games...I do not mind the World Cup.

It is all about ORDER.  Considering my beliefs one may wonder, what is wrong with the picture?  If the royal wedding had taken place in Puerto Rico...

Douglas the buffoon Candelabro (our own PJ Allen without the house),  would have placed arecas, liriopes, bromeliads and ferns in the abbey. Instead of the autos mentioned in the first paragraph...Jeeps, Yamahas, Volkys and Harleys polluting and creating all the way up imaginable possible noise with ten thousand watts car stereos.  Pretty much what Seinfeld presented on the Puertorican Parade episode.

Maripily and Ivy Queen would have been the representation of Madame David Beckman,  the ugly, bitchy looking, former singer, wife of the down the hill player,  always stiff and posing as if she was borne a  blue blooded creature.

The menu? Cuajo, guineo hervio,  bacalao frito, alcapurrias, arroh con guanduleh a la kiskeya, tohtoneh de platano/pana frito,  mofongo pa loh de acah, congri i ropa vieja para loh de Cuba, mangu pa loh de Kihkeya con alcapurria de yuca.

Pa enjuagal,  Brugal, Barcelo de Kiskeya i Presidente de chaser o Banbarcourt de Haiti, que ambas criaturas son lo MISMO. Palo Viejo con Medalla pa loh de Borrinken, en Mayaguez, sangria de Fido, USA citizens buscando el nolte como se escribe/dice ahora..

But let the record show that while these images in me mind came back and forth, I was painting the driveway. I had to measure every other step, discovering that the width of it changed every other eight or so feet.  

Nevertheless  my campaign promise is about to be finished. I have transformed a dull, obscure enclosure into a lively, somewhat happy spot.  Now, the five holes where I planted the known vines, hibiscus, Bouganvilleas show all their colors in a different manner, as in high relief.

Here are a couple of photos for those readers, fans and foes alike enjoying the good, not to be bought in the corner store, pleasure that  tools, planing, stamina and imagination provide to anyjuan with will or cojones.

Antigonum Cajan. To set trends, commandements If I may.My way or the jaywai.. ENJOY.

time to go 
apagad e iros , cabrones/as....


Antigonum Cajan made his official 
debut playing cajon de flamenco at Triana.
This Spanish Restaurant in old San Juan is celebrating la Feria de Sevilla. The building a former bank since 1903, where one can still enjoy the nice Banco Credito i Ahorro Poncenho logo in the inside. A majestic lion walking on a brick wall.

apaga i vamonoh.
the end.


  1. Mientras me pongo al dia en su interesante blog, hago una "parada" en este para comentarle cuanto lo disfrute, y hasta problemas me ha causado, pues la "cena real" me ha dado apetito (por los recuerdos). Reciba un saludo

  2. Juanmi me cago en la opera, siempre aparece uhteh en los momentoh mah inehperaous.

    Nuestra gastronomia, la del
    Caribe, negra/blanca/mestiza/mulata i demah, en mi opinion eh mah importante que las banderas, himnos, monedas que nos separan.

    Al igual que la musica del CARIBE.

    Que distinta seria la onda si todas las islas, islotes i demas montaran un show/espectaculo divino en el cual la gastronomia, musica, bailes i demas fueran viajando de isla en isla al infinito.

    Dejariamos de estar desconectaos culturalmente, unos con otros i explotaos por ese pendejisimo turismo que se reduce al precio mas bajo.


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