Thursday, March 31, 2011


This post is about numbers. Some readers may be able to expand their view and/or concept
of what this one quarter of the whole represents

THE AREA  beyond the arch is 8' 7" wide.  I do not have any idea how anyone could park those living room automobiles in 1940, when this house was built. Is a pain in the ass to enter, for the lack of angle and so is to exit for the lack of view. It is totally useless. We park in the street.

The high beds to your right, have five inches thick concrete walls,  a depth of eleven inches and seventeen inches wide. with a total length of 23'.

From the arch to the fiberglass garage door there are 30.2 feet.

The five holes dug with chisel and sledge hammer are between 13 and 25 inches wide.  Every vine mentioned in my previous posts is there, I will not get into that.  The highest point vine wise is 9' 2".

A close approximate number of species in the high beds is 51. This includes an original Croton, (the only one), left by the original owners lichens and all, a good environmental sign. It is probably 20 years old.

The north garden has an area of 262 concrete square feet, or 30' 2" by 8' 7". The planting area on the other hand is 34' 5".

All the numbers exclude those species in holes and pots.
Finally I thank all of you who drop by and read, leaving or not feedback.  Planting in every context requires some thought and effort. Aesthetics are there or not depending on the education and exposure of the viewer reader.  As I have mentioned before, when a garden is planned with flora and fauna in mind, anything else should take a second place.

Nevertheless I feel certain satisfaction when I compare my garden to others here and in foreign lands.  This feeling become joy when others in the distance share some of the pleasure, that is not always an accident.  Thanks.

apaga i vamonoh.
if your calculations are different, 

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  1. I like the view through the arch. It makes a lovely court yard garden, much nicer then a parked car, which are just a necessity to go from A to B!
    I like an enclosed garden, a walled garden, I wished for one. I think it is nice very early in the morning when all is still very quiet to walk along the path and look and plan. The small birds nests look so tidy I wonder what sort of bird has made its home there? Happy weekend. T.


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