Monday, June 7, 2010


APPARENTLY, since the times of  one of the greatest collectors ever, Carl Linnaeus, gardeners not only brag about their gardens, some will ask you for seeds or plants, for nothing in return, or hide valuable pieces away from you.

I have shared things with a couple of serious gardeners, but in essence, people down here, are just good for the asking, not the giving. Nor that they have anything I would like.

This humble servant engages often into the critical mode easily, without much effort, being the essence of me horticultural practice.  Today, for a change, most of  the west garden, in front of the house, will be portrayed in just words.

Sitting in front, left side of the west garden, a 20"wide, 28' long and 29" high area I observe the Allium, Oxalis, and Asparagus with the sea horse banner in the background.  When the eyes move up and down, facing south, the dense dark green Barleria repens repens dominates all the way down to the opposite corner.  There, Ipomoea batata, Allamanda cathartica, Pseuderantemun reticulatum, and Alternathera brasiliana share the spot light.

This high bed has intense competition, to grab the attention.  Separated by a concrete path four feet wide from the above, is one of my favorite
spots in the multiple garden beds in our residence.  It has the same measurements, at ground level.
The property is separated from the street, by a four feet concrete wall.

This prairie like installation has Pentas lanceolatas, Cosmos sulphureous, Polyscia fruticosa, Mirabilis siciliana,
Calliandra haematocephalla, Catharantus roseus, Asystacia gangetica, Guaicum officinale Gloriosa rothschildiana, Turnera ulmiforme/diffusa, Tradescantia zebriana/pallida, Syngonium, Commelina elegans, Dipterantus prostratum purple/white, dwarf Ruellia, Murraya paniculata, Rain Joe and Datura stramonium.

This garden requires minimal maintenance, some irrigation and pest management. Worse problem so far, is the frequent visits of white flies, to Murrayas and Calliandra, but easily resolved.

Down here, there is no other garden that I would recommend to visit. They all stink. The element of composition totally
absent, no pieces of conversation, no focal point, no meaningful contrast in 
height, color, texture, fragrance: NOTHING.

Puercorico is probably, the Mecca of shitty, landscape maintenance and installation mismanagement, from agronomists, landscape architects, and ignorant fools in the trade,until further notice. That is that. Apaga i vamonos.


  1. I like the plants in your West garden ;-)Barleria repens is new to me.

  2. It is one of my signature plants. A beautiful flower, self seeding.

    Resistant to heat, drought,
    insects. It tolerates full sun or shade. A perfect selection for many contexts.

    Thanks for your words.


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