Friday, June 18, 2010


THE subject is not new.  While I write, when I go to bed, when I wake up the constant evil humming from Sacred Cardiovascular Muscle University.  

When the dean was approached, "they have been there for twenty years", the response.  This damn humming is similar to the one created by high tension electricity.

Now, to add insult to the injury there is a diesel bus for the students and staff passing in front of our residence, mostly
empty, six times an hour.  More noise,
and pollution from an institution of  "high learning". Sons of beaches!

The stench from the cafeteria, the noise and pollution from the delivery trucks. Daily.  When denounced the situation to the Department of Health and Environmental Quality, nothing happened. Two years of hell from these good for nothing scumbags.

Some readers may think that I exaggerate, or have lost my mind.  Well, either or, think of the amount of people in jail in your country.  The levels of noise.

The amount of overcrowding.  In Puercorico, with over two million vehicles in a one hundred miles by thirty five, all is becoming a road, highway or parking lot.  There is never enough space.  Some streets and avenues make one feel as if in a trap, the sidewalks are
parking, one walks in the road....Craters, garbage, weeds on sidewalks, gutters...

Concrete and asphalt grows as spores. NO ONE has thought of putting a stop to this madness.  There is no need of building more houses.  Concrete matchboxes, ugly, square, dark  and hot as hell.

Meanwhile in every municipality, tens if not hundred of houses and buildings remain empty, abandoned, refuges for junkies and the homeless.

What is neccessary is to stop having children, more recreational, not sex for procreation with the pertinent protection or no sex.  Laws should be written to criminalize having children without income.  The state is not a philanthropic
institution. Let the CHURCH handle aid, shelter and food.

I know, what about gardening, the environment? Well what can you conclude with this picture?

I feel lucky to keep some focus and some mental sanity. A critical/creative view about nature, my surroundings.  To exercise in the garden, to do something useful daily.

But I will be honest, Timothy McVeigh, did not act in a vacuum.  All those crazy people surfacing out
of the blue, all kinds of guns, explosives, besides their mental illness, were a result of this social portrait.  Their blind anger only satisfied with killing at random, innocent people, or those perceived as responsible.  

Rarely are these acts of madness put in a context, a wide one.  This is a sick, repugnant, immoral society.  Legislators and  tribunals for sale.  What is the individual, or group to do?  No one listens.  No one sees.

Do not worry. Do not cry for me Argentina.  I am still sane, planting,
propagating, but the others may not. Just a little angry at the picture. Time to go. Apaga i vamonos.


  1. Hello Antigonum, how's today? Sorry about the overcrowding. You are right about gardening. I take it as part of my exercise as well. Sweat a lot especially when doing repotting.

    Love your hibiscuses - pink and red (especially the pink one!):-)

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Weather wise? Hot cloudy, with possible showers.

    Glad to know that your favorite Hibiscus, is me wife favorite.

    It was planted under protest by your humble servant. But slowly, I have come to appreciate its beauty.

    There are five colors in the collection of Hibiscus.
    It will surely grow.

    Thanks for the visit..

  3. I kind of realized that you have a double whammy on your ears. Camp Cemir must be at full swing now, with cars, buses and everything starting at 6:30 in the morning.

    Anyway, the most I can do at home with the Volleyball tournaments and high volume Reggaeton parties of the Community Center behind my house is play some music or get some earplugs.

    As a last resource my wife recommends hitting Borders for some window shopping. In your case, a walkman with some vintage Miles Davis while you work your awesome plant collection.

  4. Damn right, Beato. I will follow your suggestions.

    Is either that or a rocket
    launcher..Until then...


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