Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have been pondering about hippies, George Washington, the Industrial Revolution and its effects on Agriculture,
increasing world population, decreasing
arable land.  Not a pretty picture at all.

It is becoming a little difficult for your humble servant to focus, to present the issues clearly in some logical order.  But lets start with HIPSTERS or hippies.  Those fellows in the sixties, an offspring of the beatniks,
Allen Ginsburg, Gregory Corso, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs and my favorite Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  These mecanographers, were pretty odd regarding their perception of reality, society, art, music, war, church, family, state and everything else.  Check "The Howl" or the "The Howl of the Censor", if you get a chance.

They broke with every possible status symbol imposed by the culture in USA then, and other countries with similar political and economical systems. 

But getting back to the hippies, one aspect of their many influences then, and later is their views on food.  A critical stance, refusing all that still make USA a money making machine of junk food.

Vegetarians, edible gardens often with
with the added bonus of gurus, meditation, praying, yoga, and the whole bit.  For some time I read books on these matters, concluding that being a better person is a waste of time, if everyjuan else is a jerk, nine out of ten?, particularly in these concreteasphalt marsh.

But those hippies, besides free love, snort, marihuana, California Dreaming,
Easy Rider, LSD, raised  consciousness about food, food production preservation, what we eat, struggled  and went to jail  protesting against the silly, brutal Vietnam War among other things.

The fad of edible gardens now, started then.  I think it is cool except for one thing.  If one becomes good at it, with a good space to plant it will be impossible to consume the production on time.

The excess would have to be exchanged for other products, donated or thrown away.  The fellows in Puerto Rico promoting edible gardens as the salvation not only of the islanders in future times of starvation, but of the whole world, never mention this.

Or the irrigation, being in shape, diseases, plants to be planted close by, those antagonistic to others and rotation.  All is like a dream. When I want you, all I have to do is dream.

I got tired. I promised to get to George
Washington next.  I had the chance to visit 3 of his residences. Two are museums in Manhattan. He lived there during the campaign against the British.

I also visited the best known one in Mount Vernon, Virginia, with the Potomac as background.  No. My visits were not out of patriotism as some may infer.  I  was just interested in the farming side of Georgie, who not only told lies, but took advantage of his fellow countrymen thanks to his skills, experience as a surveyor.  That is that.

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