Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday was different.  When I was getting ready to water spray the front of the house collection, an attractive pale woman with symmetric build up, made a comment about your favorite garden.

She expressed her ideas with solid knowledge of the issues.  No wonder. Her name? Yanira, a collaborator in the only environmental tv program in Puercorico, GEOAMBIENTE. This show, even with some irritating, exagerated
inflection news like broadcasting style cliche delivering flaws spoken language delivery from Ms. Falcon and guests, I have learned some from it.  NO JUAN ELSE is doing it or has the credibility to do so.  The quality of  the photography, environmental information,  and music in seven out of ten programs, is excellent.  At any rate, if the rest of the staff of Maria Falcon, is like Yanira, it explains the 
recognition GEOAMBIENTE has received in the concrete/asphalt isle and 

Last night around 10PM, I went searching for a brown beetle or many.
The culprit/s had been chewing the borders of the leaves of an elderly Coccoloba uvifera, or Sea grapes, for the uninitiated.

This tree is relevant for its age, 8 years,
from a seed from Guanica City. It has been in pots all the time.  This particular
species of beetle spends its life cycle, around this tree.  I found around eight
grubs in the previous pot when It was transplanted.

When I sprayed the beetle at work, my 
secret formula: soap, hot sause and oil, 
killed it, but the unlucky one remained stuck to the leaf of his last diner. The legs are designed to hold on

Today was cleaning the garage roof day.
The feeble minded in Sagrado Corazon University planted: Tabebuias, Pterocarpus, Mahogany and other similar trees 3 feet from the fence separating these public hindrance institution from our house and both next door residents.

These moder suckers, not only pollute the air with smoke, noise and else, one has to climb a 15 feet ladder to clean
the roof of the garage to allow the rain flow down the drain.

I did a little pruning of the tree and the problem is getting less agravating, since
the amount of accumulated leaves is decreasing in consequence.

I keep some of the leaves for compost, and return kindly the rest to the University with no heart, just a cardiovascular muscle, capitalist pigs of 
the christian lacquer..

After all that rain in May, now it is the damn dust from the Sahara.  Pondering on the problem I decided that the countries responsible for screwing it up with this sickening sand dust,  for us in the west of Africa, should pay just like the silly plan to allow countries to pollute with C02!

I am still with Israel, and a little sad in retrospect, with the result of the Crusades. Glad they were kicked out from Spain. The islamists are terrorists
at heart and will blow themselves up with any pedestrians and passers by.
That is that. Apaga i vamonos.


  1. I love your secret sauce for spraying bugs. I definitely need to try it sometime. Your title photo is just beautiful. We grow Bauhinia here in the Arizona desert too and it does very well in our climate. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  2. I appreciate your words
    and wish you the best..See you there...


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