Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I  HANG out in feisbuk to check the isle scene. It is hilarious.  The propagation of 'green', 'environmentalists', is remarkable.  They start with utopian ideas, with the real intent to become merchandisers, to sell juatever.  Some
like Boricuas, sembrando y defendiendo...pass away quickly.  Others, Arboles de Puerto Rico, Scuba Doggs become a business for
profit or non,  selling books or services,  or whatever comes to mind.
Nothing wrong with that, capitalism 
rules.  It is just the make believe posture, ignorance within the responsible characters involved authors, the kind that has never planted one seed in their lives.

To the village idiots in Arboles de Puerto Rico, I remind that botanical names are not scientific names.  Get on with the nomenclature.

The importance of botanical names is simple.  People who want to learn to choose, plant, care for any tree, bush or vine can do it on their own, without asking stupid questions.

OUR stupidity goes global.  Recently two feeble minded asked our Arboles,
what to plant in their three acres of land. Can someone help, asked the imbeciles.  I suggested they move to an apartment, since they do not know
what to plant in such a huge space.


Having a beer, or better a shot of fire water and a chaser becomes difficult.
Our bars are in danger of extinction.  It becomes an adventure for the acute observer.
Avenida Borinquen in Santurce, seventy five meters from Justo Sotomayor, a safety boxes, office equipment retail sales store.  Surrounded by migrants from La Espanhola, they occupy the seats as in an emergency hospital without buying a coke.

One feels as a foreigner in his OWN country.  That Arizona law will be welcome by yours truly, any time.  One thing is to be ugly, squat while looking for 'a better future' for the whole clan, ilegally in a foreign land, and another to behave as if it is a god
given right.


This morning  while taking Diva, our mighty dog to the water closet I noticed some black pellets on the ground.  Somewhat familiar, but smaller, I squashed one.  After this empirical test, there was no doubt. 

The time for Frangipani leaves caterpillar feast has arrived.  I counted 3 of these black/green, soft future butterflies munching non stop.
They are attractive to my eyes au contraire of those hairy, scary ones.
The poop in pellets is nitrogen for the soil.  When the eating stops, leaving the trees naked, they rest in the pupae stage....

Some do kill the caterpillars. A silly practice since the leaves will fall anyway.  Frangipanis have that particular way of being.  Drop all their leaves by themselves, flowering soon afterwards.  Or growing leaves and flowers simultaneously.

One thing I know. You will never see
ALL Frangipanis in the same stage at once. Anarchy rules among these
signature trees in my garden and that is that. Apaga i vamonos.

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