Friday, June 25, 2010


JUST watched a documentary on,  the result of potassium and phosphate mining in some regions of Spain.  

The result? Salt in the aquifers, streams, rivers, soil and wells. The issue? The amount of people employed in the town...The cost? Now the government was forced to install water treatment plants to extract the salt.  All tax payers pay the bill.  Intelligent? Or what?  

IF YOU keep up with these issues the BP oil spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, may sound familiar.  But throw away your shitty environmental blindfolds.  Most of the time this kind of destruction can not be resolved permanently. MONEY may allow to pay the rent but not to drink the water or irrigate with it.

Apaga i vamonos with this. Lets finish
the George Washington residence and farm in Mount Vernon, in Virginia. 
The reference is the same, however, these are my impressions.  Either you accept them or make a trip to Alexandria, Virginia, you will love it.

The house is big and ugly.  The walls are wood, to make them look like stone.
Vanity? Fashion?  You be the judge.

The balcony facing the Potomac cool and necessary considering the incredible, intolerable humid heat in the south.

The slave headquarters? Excellent from my view. Much better than many housing in the third world today, even when considering the low ceilings.

One of my fans, Edwin Kndelabro mentioned that NEGROES or slaves brought to America to work in the sugar cane or the cotton  plantations  in the south of USA, got a bargain.

Even when considering the torture, killings, dismembering of their families, culture, Carimbos, deaths on the trans Atlantic trip, 
their descendants, except perhaps, those in HAITI, are a thousand times better than those in AFRICA who remain now.

If you know about films, check 'Sugar Cane Alley'. Children of the plantation
owner and female slaves will let you get
a glimpse of the background.  It seems that Thomas Jefferson was fond of the smell, butt of some of his female slaves.

That is that. Apaga i vamonos..

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