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I HAD mentioned that I would post on the subject from a nice reference that serious gardeners of the antigonum kind would/should have at home new or used.
I speak/write on the subject as a gardener, former user, (it is like riding a bycicle), but not of the Blunt kind. In
my day it was ZigZag, Bambu, nice smooth colored/white/long/short rolling paper or pipes.  These were homemade types or bought.  Wow/guau at this speed It will become a intimate memories for the future. That is that. The reference is known to habitual visitors, here it goes.

Wicked Plants
Amy Stewart

Cannabis has been used by humans for at least five thousand years and regulated or banned for the last seventy.  Hemp fibers (from varieties of cannabis that contain very little THC or tetralydrocannabinol,  and are therefore useless as a drug), have been found in cave dwelling excavations throughout Asia.  The Roman physician Dioscorides mentioned the plant's  medicinal properties in his medical guide De
materia medica in AD 70.  Its use spread to India, throughout Europe, and eventually to the New World, where early settlers grew it as an economically useful fiber crop.

This weedy, annual plant grows to ten or fifteen feet tall  and produces a sticky, intoxicating resin that is also used to produce hashish.  All parts of the plant contain THC, the psychoactive compound that brings on a feeling of mild euphoria, relaxation, and the sense that time is
passing slowly.  Paranoia and anxiety are sometimes experienced at higher doses, but most effects subside within a few hours.

Some historians suggest that the drive to outlaw cannabis in the early twentieth century came out of the culture wars.  Recreational marijuana use was popular among jazz musicians, artists, writers, and the other ne'er-do-wells.  Its use was regulated, but not banned, by the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. The beginning of the Beat movement may have been the impetus for finally getting this evil weed out the hands of America's young people.  It was outlawed in 1951 as part of the Boggs Act

Illegal cannabis production is estimated to take up over half-million acres worldwide and yield  forty-two
thousand metric tons, making cannabis a roughly $400 billion crop worldwide.  USA production has been estimated at $35 billion, while the value of the nation corn crop is $22.6 billion and that of another wicked plant tobacco, is only $1 billion.

Back to the studio, it is evident that Haiti, to pick one, would benefit considerably, if planting, harvesting,
packing, distribution, selling of Ganja was legal.

Remember Pablo Escobar Gaviria? That out of this world mythical Colombian entrepeneur?  What he accomplished money wise is truly amazing.  The amount of people killed under his command remarkable.  Thirty years ago, killed while attempting to escape.

More recently, USA is now directly involved in a similar bloody violent exchange, the Juarez Drug Wars,  no sophistication, rudimentary, ordinary killing for market control.  The barbarian levels
of these Mexicans, have somewhat surpassed that of the south americans.

Closer at home, in Jamaica, the land of beautiful beaches, Ganja, regue, gigantic spliffs, Peter Tosh, Marley and Jimmy Cliff is going through a smaller in scale, little bloody war to stop the extradition of some local Robin Hood, just like in the film The Harder They Come.  Over sixty people killed in gun fights with the police/military in that former Spanish isle.

All these people killed in our third world for what? Why most states and politicians insist in criminalizing the use of this straight from nature "drug"?  The persecution of Ganja created the market for cocaine, heroine and everything else, available now. Methamphetamines, crack to name two? These are really destructive drugs for the users and society in general.

Things have changed somewhat. In California most Ganja is planted in
hydroponic nurseries built in nice neighborhoods.  High technology, irrigation, light, heat/humidity controls. New hibrids are created by lab freaks, more potent as time goes
by....And more expensive.

In some states of the Union some people are allowed to use marihuana for medical purposes, which I do not question. But others want to jump into that bandwagon, screwing it up for the really sick.

The last time I smoked in grand style was during my exile in Northampton, MA, with people like: Gary Dibble, Bob Cilman the elderly choirmaster,
Karen Moreno, Karol Delisle, Michal Brown, Martha Jean Deveber, Jenniffer Brown, Jim Bryda, Kent Vingt, Nick Arieta and wife, Ricardo
Arieta, Juan Aulestia an Ecuadorean jerk, Tom Bixby? I could go on but that gives a hint, how recreational smoking of herb, ganja, marihuana
whatever name you prefer should be legalized.

The killing will stop. There will be no need to kill the jerk in the next corner, when he tries to set up a selling joint.  Medical services, counseling could be provided to everyone without control,  from the tsunami like profits drugs marketing and selling provide.

That is that. Legalize drug manufacturing, planting, harvesting, 
packing, distribution, selling with quality control.  Taxes and everyjuan would/may live happily ever after.
Apaga i vamonos.



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