Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miles Davis - Freddie Freeloader


  1. The eveningpost goes further...after all setting trends no matter what is all that counts.

    This tune is one of my favorites. Is the one I always played in a bar not
    far from the Canal Street Subway Station in Manhattan where I used to have pitchers of beer, single malt shots and beer chasers with Gustavo Malave a dear islander friend also an interpreter in the Civil Court in Manhattan, then.
    Enjoy or else...Expect more of this in the future...

  2. And let the record show that I could had been an excellent percussionist or bass player with the acute critical ear your humble servant displays...

    Music is an old time passion. Piano trios, quartets my favorite combinations. From Cataluhya, Tete Montoliu, the greatest there was....
    Cuba with Bebo and Chucho and my favorite Ruben Gonzalez of the Buena Vista and prior to that..Noro Morales, from Puerto Rico. From the black USA, Mike Woford, Joe Albany,
    one of the most intense, Hampton Hawes, Andrew Hill..from the soon world soccer cup the enigmatic Abdullah Ibrahim, aka Dollar Brand,
    McCoy Tyner, Bud Powell, Billy Taylor and the rest..with my affection and appreciation to ALL the readers that have dropped by from 99 countries and five continents. Un beso y un abrazo
    from the Caribbean with love...

  3. antigonum the humble, spits further...

  4. Herbie Hancock was missing and Chick Corea and Keith Jarret, antigonum listened to them all, while living in Northampton, MA. Down there there was a used record store MAIN ST.RECORDS.

    Your humble servant as poor he was then, was able to buy used records for a buck fitty, most of his collection, covering the whole musical spectrum, except for Chinese opera, belongs to that period. 1977-1983.

    A year or two back in the concrete isle and uneventful return to the Pioneer Valley 1985-1986.

  5. If you go and join Pandora, I guarantee hours of pleasure/learning
    or the opposite for free...Write the names create your radio station...

  6. One hundred and five readers later, 4,800 visitors to endemismotrasnochado, since April, what can I write but to quote the kidnapped for ransom FLOKA OLIVIERI:
    To die blogging is to live forever...BUajahahaja doble bilingual laugh.


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