Tuesday, June 15, 2010


IF YOU feel offended, too bad.  Reality bites. If there is a garden worthy of merit, please let me know.  If it is in the San Juan metro area.   What I write about is not fiction, is there, empirical If I may....  If you
could prove me wrong in any way facts wise, I will confess my sins.

For an intro that will do. Today I will write about the north garden.  If recently arrived,  the back, sides of the house surrounding the garden is 3/4 concrete as most residences in Santurce.  That reality will be good for a post.  It creates a terrible variable: heat refraction. Bad for most plants, people and pets.  A pain in the ass, it feels as if inside a frying pan, wok, or sauce pan.  Let that suffice to understand the essence of the installation. 

I imagine that when the house was built in 1940, people thought progress as an asphalt and concrete scene.  Most proprietors thought  a yard can only exist plastered in concrete, no other option was possible.  Apparently better than bare ground, grass or gravel or juatever....you could think now.

Me garden somewhat known in the five continents, thanks
to endemismo, looks like this from the sidewalk.  To the right of the driveway facing the north:  A 10'  long,  12" wide,  at ground level...bed garden...

Pereskia bleo, Allium, Turnera ulmiforme, Ruellia, Gloriosa rotschildiana, Cosmos, Merremia, Pedilanthus thithymaloide and Clitorea ternatea.

Some of these are into different pots. Clay, fiberglass and plastic.  In the driveway: Barleria repens, Cuphea,
Dracaena marginata, Wedelia trilobata, Ipomoea batata, Turnera subulata, Tradescantia pallida, Asparagus, Diffenbachia, Aglaonema and Caledium.

In the right side of the driveway
there is a long, high bed 24' long and 17'' wide.

The stars are:  Nephrolepsis,  Diffenbachia, Gloriosa rotschildiana, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Gardenia, Rhoeo spathacea, Hippobroma longiflora, Aloe vera, Croton, Proiphys amboinensis, Crinum, Thunbergia alata,
erecta, Tulbagia violacea,  Alocasia cucculata and Anthurium .

This garden ends after a wall in betweenies. At the end, the edible and miscelaneus garden.  Origanum vulgare, Rosmarinus officinale, Lipia micromera, Capsicum, Basil, Allium, Chrysostemis pulchella.

On holes dug in the concrete by the metal fence: Passiflora edulis, pallida, foetida, Clitorea ternatea,
Bouganvillea, Antigonum leptopus, Mesquite and Hibiscus. 

From the list,  Hippobroma,
Croton and Aloe vera were residents when we moved.  Only one, the Euphorbia, was bought in a nursery.

Every juan else was propagated from seeds, division or cut stems.  Some collected from my strolls in Santurce. Very dear to your humble servant both rare Passiflora pallida and Passiflora foetida.  That is that.  Apaga y vamonos. 


The caterpillars on my
white  Plumerias have departed. By the way, they
also love to munch on Allamandas.


  1. So wonderful Antigonum! Love your driveway.

  2. Stephanie.

    The garden in question is right here under Driveway 2010. Was not my favorite, however I think it is developing nicely.

    Thanks for your words.


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