Thursday, June 10, 2010


One of the high beds in the north garden
was restored yesterday. 7' long, 17"wide,
10" depth.  The intention was to remove all vegetation and the top 6 inches of soil.

The task was a little tricky. The previous owners had blue gravel, used in construction, as mulch. I did some weeding, following with the shovel,  making sure to keep the gravel in one bucket ant the soil in another.

Once this task was finished, my home made compost took the top four inches. To help it settle I sprayed it abundantly with water.  Let it rest, and continued with the soil, following by the spraying.

Later this edible garden, received the first plantings. Two Origanum vulgare,
tree Capsicum of the sweet kind, eight
Ruellias and a couple of Plectantrus ambonicus

Later, one Hibiscus with red/orange flowers,  in the south side,  was relocated to this side.  It is in the company of 4 Merremia quinquefolia and 5 Clitoria ternatea from seeds, now about eight inches long.

The Cavalinna maritima on this side was eliminated.  RIP.  I could not tolerate  its ugly ways. It is better to use it as a ground cover or prune it as a bush.

On the south side, the 3 caterpillars on the white Plumeria,  are now 5 inches long.  They continue the non stop munching, with many poop pellets to enhance the surrounding soil.  I figure they have 95% left of leaves to eat.

Finally, on the west side, the tallest Murraya paniculata, out of eight,   has flowered for the first time, a real trip,
a sign of success. Time to go. Apaga i vamonos...

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