Tuesday, August 10, 2010



camile roldan soto
as the interviewer

crs:  Could you tell us about the beginning?

AC:  endemismotrasnochado was the original blog, followed by upinthebreadfruittree and ANGLOSPANO REVIEW. 

crs: What happened to these?

AC: A hacker made impossible to continue that work.  I declare for the record, those blogs are still followed reaching the 8,000 visitors, 101 countries and five continents. I confess certain sadness when it happened.

The hacker was able to reach some people from my site. I imagine they were Nigerians or Rumanians experts at this.

Ironically, they sent my sister, an adventist, and her husband a former coke snorter an email requesting 1,500 USA dollars, since I was in some difficult situation in London.  My documents were stolen.

crs:  Where is the irony?

AC: My sister and husband, adventists both, rip me off of over 40,000, plus interest for the last thirty years. Could you imagine their faces? Jaha bilingual laugh..

crs:  Could we move on?

AC: Sorry. I avoid this kind of personal crap always...At any rate.. My first post was about Parque Donha Ines in Trujillo Alto.  Very expensive and environmentally destructive to our biodiversity. This park is unfinished after ten years. Areces and Ocampo, with their accomplices have spent over seven million bucks in such property...and they are still requesting/begging funds from the stupid gullible public and other government agencies involved in the scam. Scratch me back..you get my drift.

crs: Besides that, anything good
to report about after five years?

AC: The only good things are those taking place in my garden.  The blogs may disappear anytime, your favorite blogger may pass away, but the garden will be around.

crs: Are you going to cover the five years now, in one post?

AC: My apologies. I shall continue with your help later...I would like to mention the following characters and their influence in my perception of this piece of shit society surrounding yours truly:
Fondita de Jesus, Hogares Rafaela Ibarra, Peninsula de Cantera, Proyecto Enlace, the blog stalker Edwin Gonzalez Bauza, agronomist, Fondos Beneficos Unidos, Asociacion de Alzheimer and more than a dozen too long a list to enumerate.. YOU guess right, nothing GOOD to mention about this scum...Time to go. Apaga i vamonos...


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