Sunday, August 22, 2010


SOME readers of the younger generation may wonder as to the name of the blog. Well, no need to go to Jarvard. There was a 'Saturday Evening Post', once upon a time..Go and research.  You will find it.

Yours truly was a fan of the English language,  since the ninth grade even if you have noticed the writing in the blog may contradict, that let the record show declaration. 

At any rate.. Writing of publishing quality or not.  Editors determine and correct that. This is hot out of the cliche oven...Some rare readers with long term memory may remember me humble one mentioning the Yucca manihot.. Well, there were 3 of them to be precise.

Since your humble servant is not of the edible kind of gardener, the above mentioned, kept growing until it reached 25 feet.  You intercontinental reader may know it or not, but anything like edible tubercles growing below the ground have to be pulled out after a certain amount of days....otherwise when boiled, they taste like rubber or nothing, if you get me drift.

Once the maneuver ended, Pedilanthus tithymaloides, Pseuderantemon reticulatum and Hippobroma longiflora took its place.

Imagine you give some character of the Gertrude Stein persuasion, NOT THE WRITING, if you get me drift, 
your opinion as a consultant for free, regarding the sterile landscape practices and some Eucaliptus tree in the sidewalk, soon to drop in their property.
Her RESPONSE? Some amazingly feeble minded words in a ramble as if she was tripping on acid (a high possibility judging from her age): Shakespeare, Versailles and happy mediums.
Do not worry. Be happy. You will get your happy medium, darling. week.


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