Wednesday, August 11, 2010


TODAY, around 4:30 in the afternoon I noticed a branch from a Turnera subulata, hanging by the Caliandra haemathocephala.  A branch from the latter was opened  in the middle, by snapping.  Whom ever did it, knew I was I was not home...It is not the first time..It is part of the islanders use and custom, a great segment of the population cultural trends.

In Puerto Rico, if anyone desires a branch from a tree, bush, or even a whole plant to propagate from a garden
down the street, they will take it without any qualms.

Two houses down, across the street, Farrukito, my pimp looking neighbor who fashions, bracelets,  chains, and  flamenco shoes, including white ones, has a Guava tree in front of the house.

I have seen Junior the toothless handyman, climbing upon a trash can to grab Farrukito's guavas without thinking it twice. He is not the only one. Ladies are into this bag also... In essence, respect to private property is a thing of the past.. 

Don Miguel the up the street neighbor has mentioned a similar problem. The populace snap the Hibiscus, Pleomeles or Acaliphas, with similar ease.

Your humble servant took some action.
I did some pruning to the  Turnera subulata to stop the branches from reaching the four feet cement wall dividing the property from the sidewalk.

To create a security system, a Pereskia bleo, a very primitive plant in its form and origins was planted in front of the vandalized victim.  This plant belongs to the cacti/succulent vegetation division. I have seen seen old ones in Santurce,  at seven/eight feet.

This bush is rather weird for the many spines as any cactus, and as many leaves as any spineless succulent.  The orange flowers are typical of many cacti in shape and texture.

In brief, one can take steps to reduce vandalism, at least in theory...Moral of the story? Do not plant attractive vegetation/orchards in any way, shape or form close by pedestrians in Puerto Rico. Your plants will thank you. Apaga i vamons.


  1. A la hora de llevarme un ganchito, yo soy de las que pido permiso primero.

  2. Lo mas comico o tragico es como ha ocurrido hoy ver algun tonto partir algo con las manos que no puede propagarse de gancho/esqueje como las Cosmos sulphureous,
    estrellas ocasionales de mi jardin intercontinental...


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