Sunday, August 15, 2010


MY fans and foes are probably missing some fun story or vice versa.  What you are about to read, could start:

Once upon a time in some far away virtual place,  an agronomist of the forest kind, engaged your humble servant about his prodigal abilities on his field of choice.

Our protagonist, or your humble servant if you prefer, on his customary, cautious ways mentioned his collection of vines with their botanical names.

Juan Jose, the fool on the hill, replied that he had ALL of them. I, in a sudden change of narrative person, became suspicious. It took me two years not only to collect them, but to find the botanical names. 

I can let slide many things on many situations.   Not in HORTICULTURE. He slipped bad. I asked the fool with 139 pictures of himself in the mentioned network, to please share his botanical inventory.

The response was that he owns 18 acres and that I could imagine how MANY species could be there, (No, I do not), adding that some are Passifloras.  

I knew then that some of his stories can not be true, partially or as a whole...An agronomist that could not name one or two botanical names on his farm has to be a mentally handicapped fool  in love with himself, judging from the pictures.

BUT WAIT...It gets worse before getting better.  Visiting on an off, Palos de Borinquen or ARBOLES DE PUERTORICO, in the same place...I found these curious exchanges:  Two different people have some acres of land, requesting names of trees to plant. One incredible idiot has a Ficus pumila. He wants to know ways to maintain it without pruning.  The last for today, a feeble minded woman, wants to know where to find trees for free.

One.   If you have acres of land and do not know what to plant move to an apartment.
Two.   Pull the Ficus pumila roots an all.
You will have nothing to prune. Just sand the walls and paint.
Three.  What a cretin. Getting trees for free. Would you like the tools for maintenance free also? 


As you probably remember, I have now a shade garden. But before I get there lets have some more fun with names.

Down here are some customary names for different types of bussiness:
Under the Mango Tree, El Quenepo, Under the Pine Shade, Up in the breadfruit tree and such....

Mine will be called Under the Bouganvillea:  Diffenbachia, Eucharis amazonica, Crinum, Lily, Alocasia cucullata/macrorrhiza, Calledium hortulanum, Aglaonema commutatum, Rhoeo spathacea, Cuphea hissopifolia,  Hibiscus, Turnera ulmiforme, Aloe vera, dwarf Ruellia, Pseuderantemun carruthersi, and Anthurium.  

If some sound familiar great.. Often I have to check on spelling...Some were already planted during the sunny days, I am curious as to what will happen with those. Will they tolerate the shade and remain healthy?

This garden is located in the south side.  Perhaps 15' long by 18" wide out of fifty feet.  The plants are in the empty spaces shared with orange/yellow slates placed with some imagination.

Let the record show that there was no shade anywhere in our residence..It is a result of selecting and planting what the microclimate, distance from the ocean, demand..This shade is a bonus, unexpected and rather abrupt.  I have had to adapt and make the necessary changes.  
During the following months, rainy and somewhat cooler, I will know if this somewhat dark shade will make a difference in an otherwise dry and hot environment. That is that.

apagad e idnos.....

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