Monday, August 23, 2010


Antonio Carlos Jobim in the background, perfect atmosphere, an expresso to calm me down after a visit to DACO.  Lucky me, a cool oasis with the perfect volume/music, a nice surprise in this primitive hells hole.

The story is custom/use.  Ten days ago I filed a complaint against some blue collar criminals, FIFA RACING, the culprits of Mitsubishi Maintenance Service, at Rd #2 KM 2.5, Marginal Kennedy, San Juan.

I arrived to DACO following previous instructions.  When I signed, the reaction from the over fed receptionist gave it away.  My case has no number yet.  I have to wait until I receive it by MAIL.  The original 10 days, now become 22 or more

Excuses, excuses...There are people ahead of you, since July. We are doing a lot, with little staff!  The saying making hearts with beef tripe would have been adequate...

At any rate, I understand.  That is why my anger increased a little from the normal levels. Check this out...

When I inquired about electronic mail, the simplicity of sending one message that takes a minute, stating: Your case has no number. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, we will inform you. 

I received the following: "Oh we do not send messages except by mail". Believe it or not. 

This is a token of the Puertorican mind, the train of thought that I have been writing about in your favorite blogs. I feel as if surrounded by jellyfish in coma, unable to think, imagine, create.

Imagine the paper, envelopes, saliva, stamps, money, time, energy and effort saved if the attorney in charge of DACO
had a mind like yours truly.

But let the record show as often, that BLA BLA Cafe, located at Avenida de Diego 353, Santurce is a place to cool your jets. Nice staff Gonzalo and Monica.  But not all is perfect, no alcohol on the premises is sold.

Apaga i vamonos....


  1. First of all, I love Jobim and any drive is a great one with his artistry filling the car with music.
    Second of all, BLA BLA cafe is the most awesome name for a cafe ever!

  2. I agree with you..The best is sitting facing the street.

    One can watch the scene, pedestrians, cars and such
    instead of a monitor.


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