Tuesday, August 17, 2010


NOT everything has been peaches and cream during the times I have written the original endemismotrasnochado, and the one you are now reading.

My first declared foe was an obscure agronomist, the most despicable kind.  The ones planting palm trees, turf and hedges with Ficus in Puerto Rico.

The animosity started when this perfectionist noticed grass cut with a dull blade in their web site,  in a picture depicting Gramas Lindas a plantation for the vegetation mentioned above.

Aureliano Buendia aka Edwin Gonzalez Bauza, responded with intense vileness,
daily harassment, on the blog comment section.  I could not believe that a 'successful' planter of grass, palms and Ficus would pay any attention to an abrasive horticultural critic with a new blog then in Spanish, without any readers.  The pathetic aspect of the situation is that Aureliano had no profile in blogger, always anonymous until I found who he is on feisbuk.

The reason to defend all the things I have been criticizing?" I put food on the table for the workers." As if Yeyo,  the scumbag was or would be the owner of that useless enterprise.

How far this fellow went? Creating a blog. It was like a bizarro endemismotrasnochado, by the name 
econuco.blogspot.com, it would discuss only whatever subjects I had critized or commented in mine.

If you try to find any traces of econuco.blogspot.com, you are out of luck..Somehow he made it disappear from the web, a pity, since everyone has a portion of the truth. However, one could get a glimpse of the agronomist mind on  his comments in different blogs between 2008/09.

I became involved with all these issues of the environment since I was 15 of age.  I declare Building and Highway Developers the greatest enemies of the environment, the REAL ones.

Everyone working in those fields are accomplices of the destruction of our surroundings, Flora and Fauna.

Fideicomiso de Conservacion, Parques Nacionales, Architects and Landscape Architects, Agronomists, Engineers, Legislators, Tribunals and the greatest enemy 007 Recursos Naturales, the ones giving construction permits to the best offer without any other considerations for the environment or the people.

If you live in the concrete/asphalt, moon scape roads/highways/streets and consider yourself an environmentalist, stop dreaming and wake up. Turning off the light or the water, or recycling, or electrical cars with no room to drive, will not help at all, is in your imagination mostly.  It is necessary to get to the enemy by all means necessary and attack in every possible way.

However, when one consider the multiple environmental tribes down  here, all in search of some income/profit/grant, the future of  Flora/Fauna is rather dark.

One last thing...I often wondered why some scum bag agronomist will pick as a nick on the web, the name of a character from ten decades of solitude, who started and lost 32 wars.

Apaga i vamonos...

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