Wednesday, August 25, 2010


YOU would not be reading this lines or looking at these shameful pictures if those in charge of this mostly empty
museum had taken seriously my offer of being the pro bono groundskeeper over twenty four months ago, with some lame pretext.

Why now? Inquire the dubious visitor.  Now I got Isaber, the World Trekker, as a photographer and Ana Cristina, her sister, a fashionista at heart, as photographers/advisors.  Without their help, this post would not have taken place.

IN other countries one may expect any museum worthy of its grain of salt an inviting, well groomed landscape.  With the necessary composition elements, contrasts of color, textures, height, shape as in those paintings one may see in a museum.

The grass surrounding the museum is like a pasture, without goats, cows or horses.  Automobiles. The green areas are used to park cars, compacting the soil and killing every living creature in the ground.

These pictures, particularly Close up falling Eucalyptus, the mutilated trunk, showing the muffin like explosion of roots in a space too tight are evidence of the absolute indifference, ignorance,  respect and understanding of urban landscape from those responsible for the Museum, and the imbeciles who planted them. 

A little difficult to comprehend, the landscape scenes shown.  The average Joe Six Pack will never think twice about this aberration.  This museum costs a bundle to maintain.

However, the board of directors, the staff, academicians with more tittles than the Duchess of Alba. should demonstrate at all times some level of sophistication on issues related to their chosen careers.

Using the pasture surrounding the property, to park autos, instead of creating some edible/ornamental garden for the community, shows some callousness,  a total lack of imagination to be original.  This act, allowing cars on green areas is more abominable considering the parking lots near by.

I will never forget one anecdote.  The wordy, artificial, pure molasses vignette about a Keebler tin can, Versailles and Shakespeare...When the context is what
the pictures show....Apaga i vamonos...


  1. Sorry for this kind of parking manners. Perhaps some kind of barricade should be built. Poor grass...

  2. Do not worry what should be done is to bring home Homeland and Security, the Federal agency dealing with illegal immigrants...Sent them home.

    About the grass...Not much to expect...Those in charge have problems of the mental retardation kind, even with so many college degrees...


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