Saturday, August 7, 2010


My world wide fans from old endemismotrasnochado.blogspot days, are missing on and off rants on pertinent issues from your humble servant.

Thanks to the poorly constructed, lacking ANY maintenance roads, streets and highways of shitty Puercorico, USA, our Mitsubishi fell in a Moon crater size hole, screwing up the front end. 

The estimate calculated after 3 hours, was 952.00 bucks.  When we eliminated 3/4 of what the moder suckers suggested to repair, it was 1,052. Believe it or not. Them scam artists refuse to inform the cost of the repairs I thought necessary until the car was repaired..La madre que los pario...

In consequence, I filed a claim against this yellow belly bastards with DACO,  Department of Consumer Affairs.


Pruning of some ugly looking Bouganvillea branches.

Drip, hose, irrigation in south garden.

Glysophate spraying of weeds in concrete cracks around the house, sidewalk and gutter.  This activity included the spraying of sidewalks and gutters, of indifferent, ungrateful neighbors.

 It will appear 

The girl interviewer, camille roldan soto, does not live too far from our residence.. Of the one hundred species, knew ONE, and asked about one.  Believe it or not.

The conversation moved around: biodiversity, compost, compost tea, pot selection, Glysophate, reasons to have a garden designed with surrounding Flora/Fauna in mind, insect,damage control, stupid/dull nurseries with the same crap all over and irrigation among others...

Me impressions?  Ah, the reader may wonder...Even when the girl interviewer asked well thought questions....The responses, simple, yet requiring some understanding of the issues, entered one ear, leaving the other with sound speed.

I could not comprehend the need for the interviewer to be here. To ask/take notes. It could have been done without any human contact through electronic mail.

This interviewer enthusiasm for the garden, flowers, plants, (my impression), is similar to the interest one my demonstrate while lifting a rotten cadaver from the scene of a crime.

Or my bored delivery, realizing that I was preaching in the ocean, was too evident.

At any rate, the photographer manifested
similar behaviour... She arrived later and unable to understand the directions to the residence, coming up against the traffic in our one way street.

The photos taken with a huge digital camera are:  Barleria repens, Diffenbachia, Hippobroma longiflora, Dipterantus prostratus, Turnera ulmiforme/subulata and Alocasia cucullata.

Moral of the story? NO more interviews unless I write them questions and respond accordingly...I confess some curiosity about how much was chew and digested. Apaga i vamonos.


  1. Anyway, something to look forward to on Sunday's paper. Do include the link of the article later on...

  2. Hope your bougainvillea plant will grow lusher and more flowers for you :-D Have a great Sunday.

  3. The idiot girl journalist did not mention the names of the species in my garden, nor that they are propagated by yours truly only. Not avalable in the shitty isle nurseries.

    Most of my collection are not sold in nurseries.

    To attach my information and
    my garden with other purposes is unethical and
    a sign of the national stupidity prevailing in general.

    On top I never heard the word thanks, from this
    mentally retarded newspaper employee.

  4. seems they took the shortcut of using fideicomiso boilerplate press releases. they just used your info to give it a 'human' side. it happens and can be very frustrating.

    at least they featured some photos, but she could have chosen better shots. i get better images off my cell phone.

    at least you are in somebody's speed dial.

  5. las fotos en su blog son hermosas

  6. Hope everything is ok now, the garden, the car and the interview.

  7. gracias por la sugerencia y la recomendaci├│n, ambas son muy buenas

    usted vive en PR? o en alg├║n otro lugar del mundo?

  8. Vivo en Puerto Rico, desgraciadamente....Santurce..

  9. A la orden siempre que no sea Camile Roldan Soto, una feminista retardada...


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