Sunday, August 22, 2010


This amounts to 130 million hectares of new cropland that could be brought into
human or animal food production-without cutting down forests or diverting more scarce freshwater for use in agriculture.

Seawater agriculture  is an old idea that was first taken seriously after World War ll.  In 1949 ecologist Hugo Boyko and horticulturalist Elisabeth Boyko went to the Red Sea town of Eilat during  the formation of the state of Israel to create landscaping that would attract settlers.  Lacking freshwater, the Boykos used a brackish well and seawater pumped directly from the ocean and  showed that many plants would grow beyond their normal salinity limits in sandy soil.  Although many of the Boykos ideas of how plants tolerate salts have not stood the test of time, their work stimulated widespread interest, including our own, in extending the salinity constraints of traditional irrigated agriculture.

Seawater agriculture must fulfill two requirements to be cost-effective.   First, it must produce useful crops at yields high enough to justify the expense of pumping irrigation water from the sea.  Second, researchers must develop agronomic techniques for growing seawater--irrigated crops in a sustainable manner--one that does not
damage the environment.  Clearing these hurdles has proved a daunting task, but we have had some success.


In me garden.  The Malpighia has flowered, the fruit shall be here in some time...Calliandra in the same bag, with lots of new leaves, as the Guaicum.

Today was heavy irrigation day, with fertilizer sticks on the ground for those mentioned and the grafted orange and lemon, with new foliage on the way.

Photographies of an aberration in the San Juan Metro Zone.  The 'landscape' of  Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.
A ill kept uneven prairie, sterile grass, cut with trimmer, used as parking, compacting the soil, a stupid practice.

The crooked Eucaliptus, soon to fall on this institution fence and aesthetically dubious sculpture behind.

NONE of their staff ever noticed...


One of the silliest blogs ever, written by a fellow from the west of the island, wrote in his memorable opus that his blog fed on the comments of the readers.

Antigonun Cajan will never write such silly lines.  This blog is useful for those with criteria, critical of their surroundings and the national stupidity.
Down here is equally distributed.
People with many tittles, like the Duchess of Alba, are as ignorant, 
arrogant, (unlike this humble servant), stupid as those originally
from the chabolas and island favelas.

Same range...similar views..Apaga i vamonos. 

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