Thursday, August 26, 2010


It is pertinent to go back to the garden often to watch juat japens....The Gloriosa rothshildiana a legacy from former owners and evidently in fashion decades ago, has flowered.  The Cosmos sulphereous  generation in previous down here pictures passed away, the new ones are already two inches. 

On the fauna department, one suspicion has been proved. The Anolis, those cute, useful, reptiles watch your angry servant when spraying, to catch insects taking off as it happened this morning with pain in the ass White flies.

The other incident,  rarely observed, perhaps the first time ever: cannibalism among these creatures...One four inch ate raw a one inch one with a couple of bites.

The rainy/hurricane season is arriving slowly but sure. Lets hope no storms like those in Pakistan, China, France, Spain, all over drop by. With the amounts of concrete/asphalt spread all over the island and its territories, thanks to Housing and Highway developers it would be a one of a kind disaster.  Lets remember that since drain systems are not maintained, they are clogged already.

Most people tend to forget that soil is here and there, for some reason, not necessarily to be saturated with what money makers, banks, real estate fellows, Housing and Highway developers have in mind: asphalt/concrete.  Where the hell is water supposed to go? 

The problem in me garden with rain in days in a row, is the damn snails and slugs. That and missing the exercise while spraying... 

The tittle for this post would have been:

If you wonder about the previous post, (museum), has your humble servant offended any sensibilities? I tell you what.  Since their
pockets were not touched, nothing will come out of it after all.

The mutilated hero, sentenced to death,  the Eucalyptus will probably fall facing west,  with the hurricane winds that may/may not show. The cars pimped or not,  will continue parking on the grass.

But misery loves companion. Let the record show that the attitude towards the landscape in the Museum, is not an exception by any way.  It IS use and custom as you can see from these new pictures not too far from their premises on Ponce de Leon avenue.

Use your judgment.  Turning off the electricity, water faucets, edible gardening, planting palitos left and right, or recycling plastic bags will NOT STOP this national imbecility.  Apaga i vamonos...
or turn it off and hit the road jack...

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