Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I offered earlier to share this hidden, quiet, limited income neighborhood, since I found an oasis for a beer and a shot, or multiple ones, in the middle of nowhere.  This place is really odd and hidden.

Since some visitors 
just look at the pictures and others
read, not for the ideas, but for composition, grammar and spelling,
do not worry, I know this blog
is, should be about gardening, setting trends, but if you stretch it,
gardens and vegetation are most of the time  within the context of a structure...Let the structures be.


I did not sleep well.. Thoughts came spinning in fast forward. Egypt, India, Mexico, Greece, Peru all those great cultures in ancient times, overpopulated, polluted, falling apart, with no money,
some have resources, but mostly cheap labor.  All the above have a common denominator, cities consuming, just consuming what the country side produces, edibles that is. 
Puerto Rico just got cheap labor, no resources. Now we import even tubers, bananas and plaintains, a sign of the end of hope.  If one can not sustain, feed its population, then what?
There is one opportunity left.
Recycle most of the concrete, asphalt and metal in the over two million vehicles and sell, barter or exchange it. 


This long walk is for machos, viriles, masculinos, buahaja bilingual laugh. Just joking. The entrance, after you see the two Pithelobiums in the footer, on Concepcion Street and Callejon Progreso, may put  the not exposed or insecure in an edgy state of mind since
once you enter, that is that, no way to run or escape any misfortune.  Not because of people or that anything will happen, it is just an unusual space, with that huge wall to your right, houses to the left and one oasis. It is clean, quiet, just poor looking,  not humble as fools may state, but  of poverty, or scarce bucks, found anywhere in any place.

Beer is one of those things that make life enjoyable, if not an Adventist and such.
Corona was the best beer we had. Why can we have a decent beer? Or guisky?
After all in Puerto Rico there is no sugar cane, the molasses for the Puertorican rum are imported, jaha bilingual laugh.

Why can not we make whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, whatever?  Distillation is distillation. Imagination is what this isle needs, guts and scrotums or cojones If I may.

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