Saturday, January 15, 2011


 In the early morning 
your humble servant debated
for some time to report on the former Cerveceria Corona, not the watery over rated crap sipped with lemon and great advertisements, but our own. Its
loong and over thirty feet high building, like that wall dividing USA* and *Israel from their neighbors, executed by the Teamsters, or
the Santurce Secret Alleyways.

I decided on the second, but from now on I will try to separate my critical interests in  other blogs available or arbitrarily as usual. If interested in architecture,  the poor people's, and street trees/botany check puertorikenhadas and the botanical review. 

I went looking for a change of scenery, to the overwhelmingly noisy and crowded celebration San Sebastian 2011.

I found the old city rather clean, charming, picturesque as usual, but better, without vehicles  spinning foolishly slowly, as a blinded,  quadriplegic turtle, in the tight, over 500 year old narrow streets jams.  The footer shows promise of that cliche 'better furure' at least for a couple of years with the paved streets.

Before I got there... 

The action of  crowds climbing down in Sagrado Corazon train stop were similar  to watching those African buffalos migrating in search of grass and water.

To hang out in Old San Juan, you better be in good shape, adequate shoes, cobblestones are not pedestrian friendly.
This city, like Boston, is on high grounds, meaning that after you park you go up five, ten, twenty minutes depending on your stamina.  \

On both trips I felt really tired. I believe the overpowering amounts of decibels in every direction with different kinds of shitty music and the hyper active crowds, on speed/anphetamine like moves,  debilitated like kryptonite your hero blogger fond of setting trends  dictator wise fashion..

and that is that
apagad e iros.

*The commies got rid of the one in Berlin, our exemplary democracies
built TWO.


  1. Yes the hills to battle on cobblestone streets!...Cuzco, Peru and Praia, Cape Verde are two excellent examples of the hike you speak of....nasty roads. Picturesque yes. Killer on the feet, most definitely. One day I will be in the land known as Puerto Rico...

  2. Beautiful photo of an Old San Juan street with NO CARS. Finally moving back to the island next month, but not to my home town of SJ for all the reasons you are always writing about. I always enjoy OSJ though, and I used to take the trolley from the parking lot up to the Cathedral, so most of the walking was downhill. Is the trolley still in existence? -- Fran

  3. I do not mind walking, even uphill, this would be a good walk very early in the morning when no one is around, just ME.
    USA and Israel in the land of the Palestinians are always right, whatever they want to do they do.

  4. Thanks to all for your comments...

    Fran and Steve:

    The trolley is still around, however, with overwhelming traffic it moves as described.


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