Monday, January 3, 2011


T O follow one's vocation feels like carrying a heavy load or that fellow in Greek mythology punished in the out doors.  You carry the stone up the hill knowing it will roll down as soon you let go. And up again  without any rest or peace.  Even worse, you are not dying anytime soon.

I just returned from a virtual garden trip to a former British colony with a fish like name.  The author, a blog winner in 2009, has some pictures.  

One of these pictures, shows a mutilated tree. The crafty work done by a couple of island ignorant tree butchers in a basket. They billed her an arm and a leg, leaving the victim looking like a crippled pirate, missing both arms.

The other picture show some handsome big caterpillars, Tetrio Sphinx, picnicking in a Plumeria.  She does not know, or bothered to investigate about the life cycle of these cute insects, the nutritious poop they leave for her soil and plants, or their appetite for Allamandas.

The darkie fool just complained about them leaving the branches naked, and the cost of 'trimming' the Ficus.

The moral of the story?  Many gardeners, too many, fools of the pretty pictures, with polluting lawns and inane blogs, including winners of mysterious awards, do not know their ars from their elbows, bragging in a vacuum. Jaha bilingual laugh.

But even if I could understand ignorance for argument sake, with the above average humility of me character I can not tolerate the ultra stupid shallow comments as in a one voice choir, from 15 of her usual groupies. None noticed the mutilated tree, or mentioned what I have about the caterpillars...

This is mi mission. Archangel Gabriel, or Gaby, was right, it will be a path with thorns, tears, the works.....

apagad e iros...

antigonum garden accessories
tips, jaha bilingual laugh.

Check the pictures at right and 
follow through.

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  1. Happy New Year Antigonum and Diva! Btw, the cake is wonderful.
    The pic 'Dwarfing the residence' amused me ;-) The tree... gosh I wonder how it will grow on from now... it is already so so huge!


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