Thursday, January 6, 2011


BAD news for those happy go lucky abundant, disconnected people, gardeners or not. It looks like the world is more
screwed up than it seemed a short while ago.  Beyond global warming.

The program in one of those PBS stations had one fool 
solving all our environmental problems with robotics and artificial intelligence.

The others, dealt with water pollution and scarcity, the possibility of nuclear terrorism, the world credit mish mash and can not remember what the other two discussed.

But it left a sour feeling on me mind since I have always felt that most of my surroundings, particularly people, are a pain in the ars.

Those living beyond their means, buying on credit, not saving. Having unwanted children. Migrating for a better future, many failing or dying in the attempt.

But what really called my attention is the water issue.  In USA with rivers, lakes and ponds everywhere, the levels of pollution are impressive...but other things like caffeine in fish, medications everything we take/drink is not removed in water filtration plants.

The possibility of having to drink filtrated, cleaned fecal waters in the near future. In Australia taken showers over five minutes is illegal and so on and so forth..

Juat the hell my 'prayers will be/are with you'. Take the prayers for long walks in short decks...I will continue propagating, trying to keep a grade of mental sanity, amidst all the imbeciles around.

Meanwhile, I image that those religious/bible freaks must be happy since when they pass away, heaven will be awating.


  1. Very interesting post. I wonder how much can we do about all of earth's problems

    Thank you very much for the comment in my blog.

  2. Honestly? Not much, since the destruction is geometric while the attempts to stop/ameliorate arithmetic...Thanks for the visit.

  3. The system is not as fragile as we think it is. It will pull through. Will we be there when that happens? Probably not.
    Wars, riots, disease and even food distribution on this planet are controls. We have used technology to improve the odds on our side of the planet. But that could change in a whim.
    Take it that for some reason the supply ships from Navieras cannot enter the ports for two weeks. Can you imagine the chaos? People will behave like herds, everyone for their own benefit. Much like what happened at the Coliseo yesterday. Only this time they won't blame Fortu/no. He would have been shot at the first press conference.
    Low tech remediation and treatment approaches mimic nature, only accelerating the kinetics. However, the US and the rest of the industrialized world insists on high tech robots and fancy controls. In the end, only low tech will work with little or no power. The fancy controls bypassed by jumpers (I've seen this approach everywhere I've worked before).


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