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Museo de Arte
El Nuevo Dia

L/CMR:  Why do you 'write' in English?

AC:         For the same reasons Juan Marse, a Catalonian, wrote in Spanish.
L/CMR:  Are you comparing yourself to that original author?

AC:    The truth? I could care less, any language is useful for different reasons. Take one Spanish word, al reves, just one. In English you need three: upside down, inside out and backwards. But let the record show that i noticed writing in quotes, as if what I do is not.  Jack Kerouak, a typist as he defined himself was original, said what he had to write without much thought to what others may/may not expect regarding his output.

L/CMR:  Meaning?

AC:      Well, this blog aims to set trends.  When I started, only Paco, from Venezuela, and Amilcar Garcia, author of el artededesaparecer, from Savarona, bothered to comment in endemismotrasnochado, the landmark blog.   Having crossed the Rio Grande de Loiza, Rubicon, Potomac or Mississipipi, take your pick, I could care less whatever anyjuan thinks.  One thing I do, guarantee, my optics, perspective  focus will not become the average joe sixpack regarding horticulture or anything else I feel like discussing/presenting/arguing.

L/CMR:   We got your drift. That means you do not write with a reader in mind, compliments or recognition?

AC:  To be brutally honest, what makes me respect my peers is not their opinion of this proved humble servant, haja bilingual laugh...but what their colors, gardens, not flowers out of context, collection show.
If they have palms, hedges, LAWNS,
ferns, bromeliads, gingers, heliconias, alpinias,
orchids, in significant numbers...What can your humble servant declare?  I do not need any
acceptance from people with wishy-washy, debatable environmentally incorrect installations and maintenance practice.

L/CMR:   Could we add "screw  them", in this interview? 

AC:         Why not LRC and CMR? Screw them and you, too.

that is that..

What about the footer picture?

That is the north garden aerial view from the east, garage roof. The concrete is taking less space as time goes by.

apaga i vamonoh.

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