Monday, January 10, 2011


I  could not sleep. Something kept spinning on me head.  A couple of days ago, I took some pictures in Santurce, of the work by couple of young masters whose graffitti should be in some museum.

Pollock, Kandinski, Magritte, Bacon and Velazquez came to mind. Why do I like those fellows work, why have they remained in me thoughts for so long?

By the way in Puerto Rico, Mary Ann Jablowski is the best landscaping painter there is, at least with available work in galleries, but not in the web.

Back to the studio.  One's likes and dislikes are not always easy to pin point, to explain, justify, but the astute individual will find a way. M.C. Esher, for example is great, but too intellectual.

Perspective developed to the ultimate consequences, but somewhat cold, like in a laboratory for micro propagation.

Gardening, serious gardening could be an example of all the media in art.  Texture, color, line, perspective, scale,
contrast of colors, shape, height and so forth.  Does it justify landscape architects and such,  without any  notions of landscape management cost/pollution, entomology, botany, pest control, growth habits, propagation and anything you may add dealing with vegetation?  After all, plants are leaving creatures, they are not painting on canvas, wood or whatever but on the ground.  

That may explain why island landscape architects may show excellence with models and graphic designs, but lacking 
fundamentals of the above, have created
a dull, repetittious, annoying, boring to death urban scene with palms, hedges and turf.

Daniel Velez-Climent is a theoretician- model architect (any real installation anywhere?) who wrote a long article against the fundamentals of Pendejismo Paisajista in (endemismotrasnochado.blogspot).

Gabriel Berriz on the contrary, is a practitioner of this tendency, along Edwin Gonzalez Bauza, an agronomist, from Gramas Lindas in the same bag, addicted to grass and Ficus hedges. 

If anyone presents some photos of any installation of merit designed by them, contradicting in anyway what I believe,
with biodiversity in place, I would certainly recant.  Not subjective o not theory as  Mr. Velez has attempted, walk the talk, with photos.

The characters mentioned do not have anything, not one thing on the web.  They are not the only ones responsible, but show no creativity either. Not portfolios or a single photo. Are they concerned of having their 'original' designs stolen or copied? What about the rest of their colleagues?

That is that. The second part of the tittle? You be the judge.

apaga i vamonoh....


  1. This is the path urban art should be following instead of just tagging buildings or each other's work. Here is an interview to the creators of some of those works on Santurce:
    Then, other cities have great street artists. Wooster Collective presents great covers on different cities:

  2. ¿puedo sugerirle que enlace todos sus blogs de manera que quien visite uno pueda enterarse de los otros?

  3. Seguro, ademas sigame en flickr i youtube...Hello Antigonum....goodbye Jacobo...


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