Friday, January 28, 2011


A s time goes by, my conviction, is not that I am better than the populace, but I certainly move at another step, other orbits, never complacent, always skeptical and searching with new eyes.

It becomes more firm, titanium like.  I find amazing the lack of criterion in general. It does not matter if it is gardening or architecture or hot sauce.
Everyjuan seems to be expecting  some other juan do the biting and the chewing, if you get me drift.  Well, not around here.

The Carica papayas shown, the one with
fruits, lives next door, the other in me yard. Ten feet apart. Both offspring from the first tree, RIP, featured here a year ago.  That pioneer had 17 papayas mostly used in fruit salad, some were given away.

The Passiflora edulis, in 2010, had approximately 80, shared with Rengui and Nydia, garden fans and collaborators.  It is on her last ones, but still beautiful, providing shade, nectar mostly for hummingbirds and beetles.

Manihot esculenta, this legendary tuber will not be allowed to grow twenty five feet as the previous one.  The original cut stems were a present from Crispin, who unfortunately did not pass the test of time, as most people around here.

Capsicum florescens.  Aji picante, This healthy, productive plant is one out of two, growing along this grafted Citrus aurantifolia. Them aji seeds were a present from Rengui. Your humble servant is drying some pods for seeds.   They are really hot, not for timid taste buds, going on the second crop in 3 months.

A relative capsicum, also featured a while ago, round in shape and somewhat sweet, used to grow in one of the gardens.  Not planted again for the pain in the ars white flies. I had to spray me secret insecticide formula every other day. Too much  time, energy and effort,
for little. However, since this variety is doing so well along the Citrus aurantifolia, it may explain the absence of the pest, at least, that is all I need to know.

Beans.  Again Rengui, is the culprit. I am not so fond of their taste, so I planted them, next door, the abandoned house.  One note for the cautious. This vine and leaves will cause irritating discomfort in thy skin.
Be careful.  I got rid of it. It tends to grow too thick, creating aesthetic problems.

Malpighia glabra. Planted a 12 months ago, will provide with some fruit in a couple of years. It is one of those rare fruit trees that not many people have in their yards. It has some architectural beauty, not requiring much space or maintenance.  A definite conversation piece for the knowledgeable.

that is that


Orchard as in a stretched fashion,


  1. Me encantaría probar un fruto de Malpighia glabra.
    Me encantan los que tienen mucha vitamina C.

    Hasta pronto.

  2. Chomp,

    La acerola es una fruta que de madura posee un rojo hermoso. Pajaros e insectos tambien la disfrutan.

    En Puerto Rico era frecuente observarla en patios de algunas residencias.

    Con la urbanizacion, sin embargo, la gente perdio ese afecto e interes por frutas i demas, sembrando en su lugar palmas, grama i otras tonterias ridiculas, esteriles e improductivas.

  3. Es el afán de consumismo, bien podríamos comer y cultivar en los pueblos muchas frutas que se pudren en el suelo, pero imitamos la actitud de las personas que viven las grandes ciudades y desdeñamos lo propio.

    Hasta pronto.

  4. antigonum cajan Que post detallado hermano! Aqui tienes un seguidor nuevo y espero verte con frecuencia en mi blog! Saludos.


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