Saturday, January 1, 2011


D uring the last year one thing became more clear, gardening is not only a matter of me backyard, but a part of a community over a hundred years old.

For this reason I will approach the issues a little different in 2011.  Some of the pictures here could easily appear in puertorikenhadasinmostaza, a concept-tribute to a couple of blogs in the insular sphere.

Let me define it as acts, actions, lack of,
implying ingrained stupid cultural train of thoughts, frames of reference that are clearly  inferred from the analysis evading the essence of our national chaos in tangibles and intangibles, that academicians with tittles in various fields provide in blogs or tv/printed media about this shitty reality. That will do for now.

The stupidity shown in these pictures is there for all to see, but, no one does. Only your humble servant. If you see anything like it in your country, perhaps
what you are about to see in the pictures at right, is not an endemic patrimony of these isle aboriginal people and the exotics, those who came uninvited.

This post will have continuity since now all the crap around is observed from a sociological fuck you, sorry, focus.

In essence concrete/asphalt/vegetation
are a whole. Therefore, separating the stupidity of individuals, public and private institutions in their actions and consequences to our society is not necessary.  It is a patrimony for  humanity.

The pictures with Roman numerals are an example of the brutality toward trees seemingly very normal in these shores.

These trees are being killed slowly by strangulation, the species, botanical names are irrelevant since they will become, what the careful observer may have noticed.  Picture lV, reveals  how, the tree fades magically becoming a trash receptacle.

On Bouret street, the isle aboriginal owner planted this huge tree five feet from the wall.  The leaves clog the roof drains. 

Every once in a while, the tree is totally mutilated  with a chain saw or machete yielding butcher. The seasonal treatment by tree topping fashion, until the time to repeat it  arrives.

If you like this, drop by puertorikenhadas, soon. The REAL ESTATE, ARCHITECTURAL, SOCIOLOGICAL POST WILL BE ON.

The picture show will be related to my recent post regarding housing developers.

apaga i vamonoh. Pa encima en el 2011.


  1. Very true - people do not think about what they do any more. Hence why most are not people, but sheeple!

  2. The problem gets worse as time goes by.


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