Friday, January 14, 2011


L ast night I got rid of  my social dysfunction cloak, hanging it for a couple of hours, going out to the the SAN SE STREET*  celebration.  I do not know If should be happy with joy or angrier with my usual critical provoking ways.

The bus, pretty cool for fifty cents, left without any standing  passenger, non stop. The loud conversation in every direction from my compatriots during the short ride, felt like diesel trailer trucks idling. The volume intolerable.

But the celebration was organized.  That is not part of many cultures in the third world. Trash cans every hundred feet. Not smelly, clean portable toilets with paper, since it was early, in strategic places

Old San Juan is among the first cities in this continent. The restoration of a couple of streets, buildings looks great.
But let the truth show clear. All my pleasure and joy, (words rarely appearing here) was thanks to the absence of motor vehicles, NOT one since most streets were closed to traffic. 

The absence of vehicles allows to deal with anything, people crowds, mostly under 25 year olds.  The music stunk, since djs cater to  the young not with  really cool music, but commercial crap.

It is similar to some gardens and blogs in Florida. Just like some garden installations stink, or the chosen inventory from small or chain nurseries.

I will reiterate this. Ficus, any palm out of context, California, Canary Islands for example stinks, particularly in our cities, the concrete/asphalt isle, bromeliads, lawns and hedges stink also.  

If you are in USA and feel offended, feeling the need to express your unsophisticated opinion in thy blog or in the comments section in another, cool.  But If I visit, casually, finding it, and reading it, get your umbrella ready.\

 I will give thou the earned and deserved treatment. There will be no prisoners taken. Anyjuan could/should tell others to their face what they think.  Once, being aware of the small fry dissent, could decide to publish or  quote  whatever comment or not, before running like a chicken with the head cut off , whining to the point of tears, to lame like groupies/fans with similar Swiss cheese common place views in a vacuum, since you want to sell, something.  Popularity? Buajaha, bilingual one.

This blog is NOT me, or the garden. It is a tool, some seriousness attached, a way to keep mental sanity, to practice the keyboard and such. Not a popularity contest.  Written to provoke, not searching consensus.

I feel some satisfaction when someone collaborates with their opinion agreeing or not, since nine out of ten comments are not from likewise islanders.  But I certainly believe that mature audiences understand this blog is about criticism.

If you, unlucky one, practice everything that is not favorable for flora and fauna, with lawns, oil, gas, propane and such is fine with me.  Just do not pretend hiding the head below ground all is quiet on the western front, fool.

* Calle San Sebastian
Originally some sort of religion celebration. Nowadays, an excuse to drink alcohol, make really loud noises, pretending to be happy, forgetting what the next day will bring.

To the left of Banco Popular, a Deco structure, I found what looks like a perfect street, sidewalk and gutter recently restored, it will appear here soon.
  My anger and happiness in the first sentence,  is very simple. If the authorities can organize with extreme rarity, anything, so well for a week, why can not they do it every day, for the rest of their lives? 

Joy last as long as one of those
Three Star Swedish matches.

Antigonum Cajan
The Humble


  1. It is nice to see when things come together here in "Aztlan", too! I only wish they did much more. But perhaps that is a quirk of both our areas, que no?

    Anyhoo, yes, let's rid our areas of plants that do not do well and add better music to celebrations (there is so much out there).

    I like your blog's goal. YOu can't reach consensus when too many people do not have an attitude of learning new things, or thinking for themselves.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Often, in this gardening/horticulturalvacuum, is hard to be focused.

    But I keep on trucking...


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