Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I started this path to sainthood five years ago, I never thought it would be so abundant with so many blessings, left and right, everywhere I look, or imagine, or remember.

Three characters mentioned in previous features were helpful with feedback and technical suggestions.  In those early days the writing was done in Spanish.

I developed a chronic allergy towards those blogs about the personal, life, poetry, really bad poetry and  our family
in this department.

I reiterate, the worst possible blogs are is those pretending to be a tv news broadcast or newspaper. Their modus operandi, down here, is to watch tv news, read the newspapers, often copying their photos, and offering their reading fans opinions, educated or not of the issue in question.

Always, from my view, in those blogs, the essence of our problems is being a colony or the lack of moral values.

Never, ever, the plastering of the isle with concrete/asphalt, 24/7: traffic jams, noise, crowds, architectural barriers for the blind, two wheeled people, craters in every street, road, highway and sidewalks, fraud, money laundering, tax evaders and the impossibility to stop millions of daily drivers to use public transportation now or later, since there is none, to name a bundle.

The Dead Blogs Society theme is something I dreamed about, last night.
It germinated after looking for one of me exceptionally rare plants, at least in Puerto Rico: Dipteracanthus prostratus.  Not so in India.

one of the blogs in the tittle, was/is in a few with the pertinent botanical names where I learned a few things, like the name of the above  mentioned, even with a big mistake: dipterantus vs dipteracanthus. 

The was/is above, means that a good blog never dies completely. If it goes beyond the personal, with some information, references that could be helpful while researching or just curiosity to even one reader.

without any redue
morisonhando 2
Amilcar garcia's Weblog 2
Elritmosinusual 2
frito verde 1
ursula 1
momentos solo momentos 10
endemismotrasnochado 9 
inartliesmyheart 8
yo soy mia 7

Units above 2 are months, else years., the account was killed by a hacker requesting money in my behalf, after a virtual accident in England.

I could not access the account after that. The last post was memorable.

One satisfaction left from those days, nine months ago, is that over  1,200 visitors from 108 countries have dropped by.

From this list of dead blogs or road kills, most stunk, RIP.  Only two will probably remain, resurrected after 24 hours.

To keep a blog is not coconut skin if you get me drift.  The subject is part of it, searching, being alert, no sleeping, no laurels.

that is that.


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