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IT has been a shock. Our shared provincialism, continental and islander as stated by Desert Dweller.  But I am certain that over there, people are capable of covering a hole in a main street correctly.  Down here, some may interpret the comment out of context, as our right to become a state of the union since: " Misery loves companion".  But since I read his out of the ordinary blog, I know what he means.

Yesterday, I went by one of the most quiet indoor places down here, the Christian Science, reading room, a  library like space.

Unlike USA and other regions of the world, in Puerto Rico, there are no public libraries, it is not part of the culture, except in universities and some schools where people behave as one would do in a  picnic or  a park in terms of quiet and reading for that matter.  


16 April 2007
pages 8-9

Here in Australia, we are seeing a sobering evidence of climate change.  Satellite images reveal an alarming depletion of the South Pole sea ice.  An increase in sea water temperature is causing the rapid bleaching ans slow demise of the world-famous colored coral of the Great Barrier Reef. Continuing extremes in weather, severe drought, and dwindling water supplies throughout the country, combined with what is happening elsewhere in the world, give rise to this question:
Shouldn't we pay attention to what scientists are saying?

In considering the answer, I have been thinking about the Bible prophets of Old Testament time.  The wise people of that era often voiced concern about the needs of the day and the consequences of not taking corrective actions.  Sadly, history shows that their warnings of the danger ahead sometimes went unheeded.

In praying for the future safety of this planet, including everyone and everything that depends on it for life, I have been seeking direction.  Are those speaking out about the global effects of climate change acting as wise prophets of today? Is Antigonum Cajan among them?  Are they alerting us to the need for action?  Are these warnings an inspired directive from divine wisdom?  In helping me to determine the answers, I have been pondering this thought-provoking statement made by Mary Baker Eddy in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. "It is the prerogative of the ever present, divine Mind, and of thought which is in rapport with this mind, to know the past, the present, and the future."

I can not put with this anymore. 

What is relevant, is that four years ago, in Australia and the world,  it was drought and recently, they got more rain than those forty days and nights with what we know what.

Praying will certainly 
resolve the matter.

As a culturally prone Catholic, I have no use for the Bible or any religion of the monotheist persuasion.
Thanks to their views on procreation the Earth has been destroyed, no turning back allowed. 

that is that.

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  1. Brilliant! New Mexico's strong patron system does allow for fixing roads, just not good landscape maintenance!


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