Monday, February 7, 2011


ONE of my earliest memories outside our wooden house in Savarona, when the ocean was new, since we lived far and had no car, was the park in the tittle, facing the Atlantic.

This 27.2 acre space goes back to 1919. The powder house built by Spaniards in 1769 is still around, (background Fig and Wig photo) even though is not opened to the public.

It was designed by Benett, Parsons and Frost in 1924.  "Restored" by Otto Reyes Casanova in 1990 and Andres Mignucci 13 years later.

I dare write the original hidden, beauty of this miniature park, is impressive after a decade short of a century, indifference and mismanagement. Paths, trellises, benches, trees, bushes and vines.  This is the only park, designed by people who knew what they were doing, in Puerto Rico, at least in the metro zone, there is nothing else.

Miniature when compared with legendary 843 acre New York's Central Park. Frederick Law Olmstead and Carlvert Vaux, designers  1857.

Unfortunately, being this isle what it is, with corrupt officials, inept public employees, ignorant fools as leaders, the park reflects all that is wrong with the culture, society, government agencies and its people, regarding the environment, flora, fauna, public spaces, architecture and non existent botanical inventories with systematic maintenance and monitoring.

In Puerto Rico, USA, dead trees standing and/or amputees is the rule. You will notice this when driving or walking around even if wearing blindfolds horse like. Dead and mutilated trees are permanently present in: back yards, highway medians, malls, plazas, museums, hospitals, schools, sidewalks and parks like Luis Munhoz Rivera. A reminder of the Roman Empire.  They used to impale them Christians by the road side for everyone to witness their rotting.

Check the pictures, be the judge. What seems to be the difficulty with eliminating dead trees and stumps? After all, there is no qualm to uproot, kill them, when alive and perfectly healthy. 

This is just the beginning. I will have to split it. All is wrong with this park has not been covered.  There is much more to share with fans/foes.  After visiting this run down park, we walked to the marble plastered Capitol area, with the the company of the mighty Atlantic to our right.  The next episode: A DAY BY THE PARK, will continue in the photoarchives, my other blog. Check it out, if you love or hated this. Sooner than you may expect.

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  1. It is fun to visit. Trees are always a problem but I really like having them around.

  2. Correction, it is a problem when planted in the wrong spot, particularly in the city/parks/sidewalks, or the wrong species. Palms of any kind could be worse.


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