Friday, February 11, 2011


I went to Gurabo City, to deliver some gardening merchandise yesterday.  The residence is one of those over a quarter of a million bucks, built less than ten years ago in a thousand square meters.

It is a classical access controlled vicinity, with golf like lawns, acres of it. 

However, the housing project came with trees that have been removed by owners at their expense since roots embrace all pipes with precious liquid. Question: would you take the developer to court for imbecility?  Why should you pay in metallic for someone else ignorance?

This project has no fences dividing one property from the next. Owners plant Ficus, Rain Joe or whatever inadequate, incorrect vegetation is available in Home Depot or cookie mold nursery to plant 'hedges', to create an ineffective enclosure. 

I will not get into what these nice couple have planted since all is wrong and it is described as the essence of this blog. 

Is one thing is to kick in the sphincter, to be blunt with the fools responsible for the stupidity and making profits. Another, to offer pro bono one views.

There is a spot in their garden with poor drainage.  Humidity, acidity create the perfect condition for weeds and moss.  The solution is a French drain, cheap and easy to perform.

The lady of the house uses Roundup,  not realizing that at $25 a pop, it is a rip off versus Ortho for $9.  The difference in content is 5 percent of Glyphosate in one and 41 in the second.  The Roundup solution is not only like useless water, it also sprays your skin leaking around the trigger.

Let the record show that some pale supremacist gardeners club members had a debate about the Round product recently.  These members in the Olympic gardening heights,  jerks,  are rather stuck up and ignorant. NONE of these cultural standard bearers of the pale gardening segment of USA, mentioned the main ingredient, Glyphosate as if the brand and chemical were interchangeable.  Just like Pampers.

Back to the studio.

In brief these nice couple in Gurabo City, spend gas, oil, money, effort and time with a lame, common place, sterile garden.  When the owner can not perform the shores, a gardener for hire is added expense.

Hedges require a lot of time, demand a firm pulse, create a lot of organic waste.
Lawns, like hedges demand a cut and blow, since no body rakes any more, every 10/15 days.  Since 9 out of 10 people are ignorant, they cut it so short you can see dirt, thinking way the mowing activity will be less frequent.

Another BIG issue is noise. The worst kind of noises:  trimmers, blowers, lawnmowers.

Why would you buy a house in the prairies, with birds, flowers, love is in the air and such?  To have a bunch of jerks disturbing the peace every day when you want to rest, enjoy the scenery?

Time to go.
Having performed boy scout wise my duty, responsibility and above all, future bragging rights.


  1. People are willing to pay for the wrong design, the wrong installations, and the wrong maintenance. Magazines often cater to only people with more dollars than cents. I can only hope that the Internet and good publicity will change this around.

  2. The terrible thing in my experience is that discussing the matter with those not knowing any better does not show any results.

    In the past have explained to my sister this or that, two weeks later is back to zero.

    I have stopped wondering if it is plain dumbness, laziness or lack of interest and vision.

    One would assume people would respect money, demanding excellence and results, but it is not the case.

    In brief, taking the jack ass to drink does not guarantee that it will.
    and demand

  3. I understand the frustration. We can only do so much to help and advise....the rest is in the pocketbooks of others. I deal with this attitude on a semi regular basis. Thought, time, and PLANNING are the keys to all of this, but not everyone understands it.


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