Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 IN Puerto Rico, USA, and apparently the whole wild world, there seems to be an arbitrary, discriminating preference toward canines versus felines of the stray persuasion.  Yours truly, an exemplary citizen of the anarchic kind
tells it like it is.

The dogs' volunteer lobby pundits in the concrete/asphalt, have counted and declared to the news media 150,000 dogs are abandoned in this pathetic, always  looking to the other side or sweeping under the carpet cliche mood,  isle. I (me) writes, if that is TRUE statistically, with some margin of error,
then, half a million cats are in the same bag.

I know because I WALK the four cardinal points of  Santurce's urban frontiers, and I notice them.  Some philanthropists feed them, but do not take them to be neutered. This makes making a bad situation worse.  A vicious octagon. Farrukito, me pimp looking neighbor, next door to Tito Collazo, is one of them modersuckers.

Endemic iguanas, (check for the botanical, if in the mood), have disappeared in my street. The amount of birds, those visiting to hang out in our bird feeders, have also decreased. Thanks to these cats.

There is nothing to be done. The jack asses refuse to drink the water, once I, YOU, anyjuan takes them to drink.

In the end, what matters is acting and preaching. Antigonum shoots only at the bulls eye, hitting the mark more often than not.

Diva and Dalila are happy mixed breed dogs  Boxer/dober/Boxer Greatdane.

There are two pure boxers in our street.  Max totally depressed,  in San Agustin street and another in Ron's house, right across the street in Bouret.

Diva the seven decades, old brown, belongs to your hyper humble servant. Dalila to Tito Collazo, a neighbor and graphic artist. Two happy dogs with defined Boxer character traits: playful, mischievous, demanding attention, friendly, quiet, agile dogs. 

When I decide to play my wooden bongos, moved by some Cuban beat, in our music room, Diva the senior, will run to grab any of her favorite toys, seconds later.  I oblige with my left, keeping the beat with my right..

That is that. 
Isaber Caballer, cagate en tu mare,
will you? 



  1. Hi Antigonum! How are you?
    I like the colours of the dogs ;-)

  2. Gracias por la visita.
    Preciosos animales.



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