Thursday, February 17, 2011


ITS HAS  been a while since the last appearance. I have been pondering about my new dash/photographer career, not the pretty cool, flower kind, but architecture, structures and trees.

I have known, visited  these city walls during forty five years.  They are kept and maintained by National Parks, a USA agency. They also take care of EL YUNQUE, a rainforest and eco/ pet/symbol of the native environmental blind fools, particularly the Sierra Club and its cult like followers.

These blindfolded fools believe the only environment worth saving is their precious pet: Corredor Ecologico del Noreste.   Antigonum your humble servant believes that urban scapes demand/require similar infatuation, after all, most natives live in concrete/asphalted urban contexts.

USA has screwed up many things in Puerto Rico, but too many people forget that they have also preserved others that considering the pictures that I will share in the photoarchives of  endemismotrasnochado, do not matter at all to the native authorities in charge.

If anyjuan is wondering about the garden, here is the latest update.

A new inductee is Taro. An edible tuber from the Alocasia family. The Carica papaya at home is blooming along the grafted Citrus aurantifolia.  The rebel Hibiscus of the yellow kind, has decided to offer some flowers for fans and pollinators.
Recently  propagated  with rooting hormones, Ocimun basilicum and Capsicum florescens, are alive and kicking.

That is that if you like this, you know what to do.

that is that


  1. I imagine the cult of the Sierra Club with brown hoodies carrying candles singing something with "Santos" in it and I laugh, but I get what you mean:)

  2. I see where you come from. Down here the SIERRICOS are just into the contemplative environmental mood.

    I would like to see what they have planted in their yards, or pots if living in apartments. They, and ALL environmental fanatics without any substance, just theory, make me sick.

  3. Antigonum cajan; thank you for your visit. Yes, I have visited Cooper Pedy. You have got some new edible additions in your garden. I like that. At the moment flowers and scrambles a hot pink Antigonum leptopus over the shrubs at my entrance.
    It belongs to my neighbour Miss V. It is such a pleasure to see the exuberance of this climber and it lights up the entrance. Later it will be pruned to a more manageable size.

  4. is good to see they preserved some at least.

  5. Me da gusto ver la papayita, a mi el año pasado aunque tenia sus frutos y se veían bien, de cualquier forma los tiro y no me dio nada. Suerte para usted.

    Hasta pronto un abrazo.


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