Saturday, February 5, 2011


Some  or none may have wondered juat the hell is going on with dis blog?  All the ugly 'art' , crumbling buildings, streets and sidewalks. Why do I write in English if it is not my primary language inquires one special education reader and fellow blogger.

Could it be knowing the phobia my compatriots feel towards this language
would limit the possibility of overcrowding? At any rate...

At any thing is clearer, cliche crystal. If the people, top to bottom from any country, can not repair correctly a hole in the middle of a street, the sentence is evident.  

No pride within in one's job or as a person. Complacency, mediocrity, lack of concern is the rule. A cave of thieves.
Puerto Rico, USA.

On the other hand, I had to relocate a Malpighia glabra in the south garden today.  It was not looking its best. It could have been a result of excessive shade, since the Passiflora edulis  on top of it and the two story abandoned house next door cast a shadow after twelve.

In the past, I would have taken some pictures of the 3' tall bush, the hole with added compost with earthworms, the irrigation and all the works. But who cares?  

All garden blogs are about photos, flowers, snow, tomatoes, and such. Very, very few are really into the deep.
Thank god for those.  They are stimulating and moving.

Following up in the Carica papayas department, I declare mine is doing pretty good, however, the one next door got some vascular disease.  The fruits showing at right fell on the ground. The top leaves have shrunk.  In the past, I would have provided some pictures, but now that I think of it, why should I?

If those gardeners interested are willing to find out what is wrong, ( is not the first time I see this papaya problem), will go to search and discover it.

Last night, around 9PM, having noticed Coccoloba uvifera leaves damaged on the borders while daily monitoring,  I went flash light in left hand, Antigonum's secret formula insect spray in right, to attack them brown beetles.

I sprayed, left, returning two minutes later. Well juat do you know? One went flying away the other two were somewhat stoned, but alive. Antigonum, your peace lover humble servant, had no choice but violence.  Squashed them creatures of god with  ill sensations of bad karma. But my people will understand, I am sick and tire of them bugs, eating them leaves.

Juats up with dis unnecessary them dis and dat? I like that southern USA, guay.
It must be Mark Twain influence. At any rate, now that you reader, see I am back to the garden, rest assure. 

The Caribbean still  has the best private residential collection in the urban context, a blog with a hyper humble
keyboardist and star propagator.

 If you like this
or hate it
remember only you can 
prevent forest fires.

later check at will
a tribute to depuertoricopalmundo/sinmordazas
endemismotrasnochadophoto archives
caribbean botanical review
click on PROFILE.

That is that.
apagad e iros. 


  1. Let me tell you something about papaya...I get it to grow in summer...and then in winter, I have no place to put it and dies. It's a beautiful plant. Hope your transplants grow. I'm discovering similiar sentiments about blogging. I am fascinated by all things...even pictures because they capture a moment, but like you, ugly pictures are also part of our world and must be posted and written for people not doing their work 100 percent....yes, they're out there and it can be frustrating. As for Puerto Rico, USA? I know this can be controversial on the island and I plan on visiting in the next several years....will it ever be resolved whether or not it's a terror-tory of the US or its' own nation or like the other nations, such as Cape Verde, must it be supported financially by another government to exist on its' own? I have no opinion about anything but am fascinated by people and their views.

  2. Thanks for the words, the visit...

    The truth is that no are no country is in reality independent.

    Chavez the Venezuelan leader talks about
    food/crop sovereignty.

    Freedom of any kind, is just an academic useless utopia.

    What the world needs is some food, a roof, and water.

    Everything else may be there or not.

    But freedom is a luxury that only half of the earth population seem to have.

    In most cases totally over rated, particularly in those places where people survive on a buck fifty a day of 14 hours of work.

  3. good to see that your garden is doing well. hope your papaya doesnt get any disease


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