Tuesday, February 1, 2011


ONE would believe that covering a hole, any kind, size and diameter would not require much difficulty, education or skills. Except the one in the photos, as thousands if not millions, in Puerto Rico does it better.

Or the concrete/asphalt platform in the Caribbean, to my regulars, fans and foes.  I have taken this hole as a metaphor to ruminate as I do once in a blue moon or always, as some dissenters may think.

Before getting there I tell any reader that may venture to this feud, I am an a confessed anarchist, misanthropist of the critical horticulture persuasion. I have no use for the state, family and church. Those non Christians and/or non Catholics as a figure of speech. 

If people require this, instead of these as ELF, an islander jerk noticed recently, this error for which I should be shot according to jerks infatuated with English composition, style and such, believe ME, I know. But I do not care.

I appreciate the time to read, to find the many mistakes, but I confess: Me importa un pepino angolo, o un peo de puerca, Cabrones/as.

However, my appreciation would be remarkable if, besides, the grammar and spelling worries of the constipated, mentally dead, brainwashed in school and college, about correction, some thoughts, ideas, concepts sharing or contradicting my views will be APPRECIATED.  Otherwise, screw that uptight, square stress on form, screw you too. I care about substance, If I can not write according to your expectations, click, there are over one hundred blogs to pick from.

On the subject of why do I write in English if it not my vernacular, that shows your inherent stupidity, since many real writers like Nabokov, Juan Marse and many others, did the same thing, sure, with much better results, and certainly better grammar/style, but this is a BLOG.  Not a literary, university, academic useless mean of expression.

And the hole? Well, every time I see, watch single mothers, I wonder on the stupidity of it. Motherhood.  Actually, allow me to rephrase that. Motherhood has to be the most stupid of endeavors. Thanks to the act of penetrating an orifice spraying it with sperm, the earth has reached a point of no return.  Millions of children in every continent, abandoned, sold, kidnapped for body parts, prostitution, and slave workers. 

That is the wide scope. Close by, I watch , these (see ELF?) invader ones, illegal or not, or the natives creating, producing nothing, fed by the state. They carry cellular phones, have cars, cable and such. What have they done? To have children?  Patch and pray.

Like the hole in the first paragraph, the single motherhood repair is not showing any type of craftsmanship. Stupidity should not be awarded prizes. Philanthropy should BE a church activity, not the state.  After all, it is against abortion, the education of the populace on this issue. 

The islander patriots make me sick. Always preaching about dance, drinking and eating, the borricua, happiness and hospitality of their minds. JERKS.  Take that pride so often shoved like castor oil among the  unwilling, innocent and keep it to yourself.

I better go know. But let the record show that MANY countries in the third and not so third, show the same skill.

It is a lack of scope, planning for the long run. Patch the physical hole shown in the footer as I will show in a couple of days, the  
PUERTO RICO DOES IT BETTER , way, so it will grow like a cancer.

Patch everything for the moment, take a sit, pray and  watch juat jappens..

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