Sunday, February 20, 2011


THE difference between yours truly and other isle characters, the monitor concerned environmental lobby, or edible gardens,  is pretty simple. I practice what I preach.

If you never heard the guerrilla concept, go to, also known as pimping whatever. It simply means that you plant anything at hand in public or private places without permission.  That is what in my anarchist view on life makes it fun. 

However, the way it is practiced in Europe does not work here, for reasons
you may infer from my constant criticism to the natives and their treatment of all nature and creatures or flora and fauna ways.  Check the site, perhaps you could start something in your country or vicinity on your own, as I do, or with some disciples.

I chose this Pandanus for two reasons.
The razor thorn edges and its size.  I can not keep at home any longer, it is about three feet  wide.

The edges do not bother me, but they will make very difficult, believe me, to 
 anyone attempting to take it home as it happened previously with a beautiful cactus, planted in the other guerrilla snenario in the former San Carlos Hospital and stolen two days later.

The attack took place, it is located at the corner of Ponce de Leon avenue and Fidalgo Diaz street.  All was simple and easy. The whole procedure as seen in the pictures took less than forty five minutes from beginning to end.

The most difficult, as always, was digging a hole in construction debris, mostly rocks and clay. Hard as hell.  I used the gardener pick to initiate it, with  shovel and hands to finish, and finally planted it as seen to your left.

The spot selection was based on three reasons. No possibility of weed whacker attacks, aesthetic perspective and being able to observe it from our car, while passing through.

Now it is time to go.
apaga i vamonoh.


Rengui's Zammia 
and DK hanging.
My favorite Pleomeles.
The assymetric  growth
makes it wonderful.


  1. Very good post and great job!

    Most people in ABQ who saw my "guerrilla" medians in 1998 reacted by jealousy (they now like it), anger that I was trespassing & making a monument to myself (idiotas), or appreciation.

    The last 2 have grown; the angry who see me cleaning them up think I am stealing, though I have lived here longer than them...and the last because it is well-designed and maintained to grow nicely.

    The appreciative are the large majority, and I am glad for this.

  2. That is awesome! I think it's a great idea. They do this all over....Texas wrote a report on it. Haven't seen it too much here in Arizona though:(

  3. I want to thank both of you for your words. I appreciate it.

    People are always waiting, for someone else to do anything, or to do it in groups, like wolves.

    I believe individuals can help with their particular interests, effort and energy. Envy is always there from those without guts, tools, plants and imagination.

    What drives nuts the useless majority, is not calling the newspapers or tv for recognition.

    I have no use for it.


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