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I JUST posted something in Spanish for a change of pace, in one of my blogs, with some acceptance from locals and foreigners, or  the people, (
2011/02/en-el-viejo-san-juan.html).  A little bit rare, but when checking the local offer, blog wise, one should not be surprised.

There is a wide, wild readers market out there. Some, many, are looking for a difference, not necessarily views like their own, at least that is how I see it.  The others, the feisbuk tribe, go for friends, acceptance, networking and reassurance, tribe, peer pressure sheep.

I discovered a photography blog from an expat with the last name of one of those  USA generals who lost the silly war in Vietnam to Vo Nguyen Giap, the general that is.  Who had previously kicked some French butt in Dien Bien Phu.  Laugh if you will, all this to push you to figure the photographer's last name with 12 letters. First letter is W, last is d.

At any rate, my intense displeasure arrived when looking at his pretty pictures. While reading an article about Parque Luis Munhoz Rivera, a shitty dump with maimed, sick, dead trees all over, he described it as "well kept".  I know he sells his photos and must keep some looking the other way attitude, but I can not forgive it.  Honesty, should not stop a good photographer from selling a quality product.


My gardening days have changed somewhat. At least in terms of history. My Guaiacum officinale has bloomed after 7 years, for a first time on 25 February 2011..  I remember when it was four inches in a two inches wide pot, now seven feet tall. It was a present from Luis, the house negro in Parque Donha Ines,  a diseased branch of the Luis Munoz Marin Plantation, or foundation ( if you prefer. Click on the four pictures from POINSETTIA, going up, for recent posts links on these totally useless and costly institutions.

This money laundering institution is going to spend 5.5. million bucks from public/private monies for a new concrete box, in a new visitors center in a country practically bankrupt, Puerto Rico.  Add the 8 million wasted in  Parque Donha Ines (still without a web page showing what they do or a botanical inventory)  and you get 13 million dollars laundered in a useless archive/history full of dusty papers with fungi like institution in nine years, since 2002.  It is a dream, as  if Luis Munhoz Marin and/or his legacy  was in the same league as those original patriots/writers/thinkers/politicians  like Kennedy or Gandhi to name two.

At any rate, forgive me for painting the whole picture, regarding my Guaiacum, it will not happen again. Luis the house negro (still works there) took the tree from the nursery since phd Alberto Areces Mallea,( kicked out from Cuba) and his Mex-Olmec, Gabriela Ocampo, would not give anything from THEIR nursery to any juan. except to their CLOSE friends.

In other departments, the  Plumeria glabra, como el Guayacan, is in the same blooming mood.  I relocated and divided some orange Hemerocallis  and Pedilanthus tuberose. This last plant is hanging, in the north garden. It is a folk artsie pot, made of an empty soda crackers tin can.

I now have three of this historical pots hanging as a tribute to Lilliana Ramos Collado from Museo de Arte Moderno, another useless institution.  It is also a way to demonstrate that one does not need nurseries at all.  Our mothers and grandmothers did not, a hundred years ago.


What do you see when looking at the picture? Plastic pots? Green and white?
Poinsettias passing away?

Well all that is correct, but
is also wasted money, between forty and sixty dollars. It depends on where you buy them.

The big  ones are ninety days old,
soon to become organic waste.
I will probably recycle that soil with my own and a few pots.

The small Poinsettia, looking good is as old as those from the nursery, it is growing, alive and kicking instead of dying.  Propagated by your humble servant, a present from Rengui, horticultural collaborator.

 Multiply that amount 40/50 dollars by the millions of people buying Poinsettias from nurseries during Christmas to throw away a while later.  These plants are genetically designed to pass away. That way, next season you go and buy some again and so on.  I am afraid too many species from nurseries are in the same bag.

 I  reiterate. I have no use for nurseries.  Some bloggers in connection with/working for nurseries paint a pretty picture of flowers/plants accessories and juatever.   Antigonum the sage, believes one should buy some rooting hormones for nine bucks and propagate your own..Do not be a follower, set your own trends.

Now it is time to go.


Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. 

Click on the pictures to your left.  Check these variations on a theme. Parque Donha Ines and Luis Munhoz Marin Plantation, environmental, criminal money scam, artists/gangsters during  the last decade. Contact them, write, wonder if you may...

apaga i vamonoh.

Puerto Rico's landscape/hardscape history will be written in
BEFORE Antigonum Cajan or BAC and 
AFTER or AAC from now on.

I rest me case.


  1. Great points, especially that we grow our own!

    We are lucky in NM that there are a *few* nurseries that do not pimp many inappropriate plants with planned obsolesence built into their theme! Well, a few!

    And another beauty of our location in the outer edges of Aztlan is how most "everyjuan" will share cuttings of plants, especially our native nopales / cacti. But the bad thing is that for medium or large jobs, the contractor cannot find them for sale in quantities!

  2. That is a solid argument. People installing big gardens have no choice but to buy from nurseries without much choice or alternatives in terms of inventory.


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