Wednesday, May 25, 2011


THE TRUTH is THAT I have 3 Gardenias for all, one in the north garden at home and the two mentioned in this clip from Buena Vista Social Club. The recording is one of the best in Cuban musical history, ever. Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo and Ruben Gonzalez all RIP, were part of the impressive orchestra put together by the genius Ry Cooder, a USA virtuoso guitar player USA capable of handling flamenco, Tex/Mex, blues, country, reggae and singing, you name it with ease...

Gardenias are originally from China and Japan. Mine in the north garden, are not two years old and already blooming. It was a cut stem rooted in water, a present from Rengui. This shrub, along with Plumerias, Jasminun multiflorumMirabilis siciliana, and Pedilanthus tuberose are perhaps the most captivating fragrances in me garden, not forgetting Passifloras, Durantas, Citrus aurantifolia, Proiphys amboinensis, Jasminum undulatum, Eucharia amazonica and Bauhinias. To watch them Gardenias blooming for the first time, to feel that essence, is a not a common occurrence gardening wise and  a wonderful experience with a relative short waiting period.  Rather unique in my concrete/asphalted reality.


2011 has been a fortunate year in this regard. Seven years for Guaiacum officinale,  and six for  Ochna mosssabicensis. These two are also in that VIV (Very Important Vegetation) group of first time ever bloomers. 

That is that.
  Apagad e idos


  1. Interesante el dato del origen de las gardenias. Y felicidades a Diva, que se ve que lo pasó bien.

  2. Preciosa canción, bonita entrada la fragancia de esta flor es sin igual...Saludos.

  3. Agradezco la visita, las palabras y la retro..Suerte i exito para ambos...


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