Saturday, May 14, 2011


ODD TITLE, after all, my fans and foes may be thinking. Well, yesterday was Borders day. Puerto Rico has no use for libraries as you may know..Basketball courts, baseball parks, in every school, project, corner, even a building for that crap of chess, but no libraries. The one Mr. Carnegie donated could be seen dilapidated in my flickr link to your left.

Aniguai, forgive me for been so jumpy. I have two works in progress with the painting and laying some terracota tiles in the south garden. One for aesthetics and a more pragmatic use: Diva my eternal company is prone to dig holes for the hell of it. Now she will have to find another amusement.

The tittle is significant since I have no heroes and rarely mention any person alive or dead deserving my admiration. Roberto Sanchez Vilella is one of them, (perhaps the only one) at that level, former governor during, perhaps, one of the interesting periods of the concrete/asphalt isle in terms of the political relation with USA, development and economics.

All this thanks to a book by Celina Romany, 
La Verdadera
Historia de Roberto Sanchez Vilella

The history, the facts are narrated in a rare fiction like unusual flow in our letters, no matter if short story, essay or novel,  pushing the reader to keep on page after page.

The book is thirty bucks, the paper, cover, font, photos, are brilliant. During my visit to Borders, I concentrated on the affair with a black female attorney. Sanchez Vilella and his lover were married with children. Imagine the scandal!

However Munhoz Marin, the frog like cartoon some like to compare to great world figures, also married his lover.  A tradition of sorts, that your humbleness has never approved. Lovers are fun in the hiding, clandestine, once wives, is the same old story again...Not for yours truly.

Particularly in a racist culture, ferocious is the adjective used by this bright author to describe it, with a lengthy career dealing with women, workers and defending the rights of others. My selection of the topic discussed here does not reflect the whole at all. It is an important book, a solid reference.

Buy the book if you got the money.. I recommend it!
Back to the studio

My work in progress have kept me busy since painting is always a challenge in terms of improving color, texture, contrast and design  scheme. 

Installing the terracota tiles is also a work of challenge, effort and energy. I found these choosing thirty in the rubble left in the middle of the street by  the dirty, loud, riff raff, scumbags building the sidewalks...Check me post on that theme in puertorrikenhadasinmostaza, the sidewalk blues. 

that is that
apagad e idos

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