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Well, here is is I. Better yet, here we are in the third. A most despicable old fashion manner to say/write things. Even if popular among the people of low and high culture, we have an innate dislike of it. It is hard to explain

Hickman is the interviewer who unknowingly provided the concept.
Antigonum Cajan is your hero..  

the interview
H: What is the big deal with you, the garden, Bouret Horticultural Society and those bejucos hanging betwen the fence and the iron grills of the house in the north garden and the other one?

Antigonum Cajan:  Before addressing the four issues, I would like If I may, to state my view regarding the little deal with you, Borincano and Ivone Acosta Lespier, since the 3 of you represent a dead way to write, look at our reality, the world. 

H: Fine. But the interviewer has the authority to determine the order of the happening; could you respond and move along?

AC: Well. Bejucos first. Botanically, the term bejucos is Spanish is not an insult, but any vine that stays in the ground, often becoming a ground cover, or climbing as those we have in our known in five continents garden.

Merremia quinquefolia, Antigonon leptopus, Ipomoea quamoclit, Passiflora edulis/ pallida L/, foetida, Clitorea ternatea, Canavalia maritima and Centrosema pubescens represent a wide collection of vines endemic and not, that should be in ANY botanical garden. In addition to the most attractive woody climber Bouganvillea and very popular Allamanda cathartica.

H: Are you finished?

AC: Not at all. That is just a list, not even five percent of the collection. Let us discuss now with the mandatory briefness and unheard humility the relevance of this seemingly meaningless feature in our garden. Bejucos.

I am unwillingly in the line of Lord Nathaniel Britton and Agustin Stahl regarding flora, for a simple reason, I propagate many plants that are not available in nurseries. Not in  scholarly or academic fashion. These vines are  room and board for Spindalis, an endemic and hansome species, food for Reina Mora, nectar/pollen for hummingbirds, black beetles, butterflies and Spindalis. In turn, home for flies and insects of all kinds that our Anolis lizards munch on.
H: Could I proceed with the next question?

AC: Sorry. I am just starting.  That is just a description of empirical matters that could be confirmed through research. Now I want to discuss two issues: vertical gardens and green roofs, since they are widely in use nowadays.

If vertical is anything hanging from vertical surfaces, the north and south garden are vertical gardens. If a green roofs is defined as vegetation in flat surface, the vines work as such creating shade, decreasing the temperature on the concrete and house walls.

H: What about the other 3 subjects not yet discussed?

Antigonum Cajan: The people know we are busy setting trends and have other things to do. However, Sociedad Horticultural Bouret, one of the questions, is me, myself, and I, just like that Mingus record. That leaves two for the next interview.

H: Thanks for the chance. I know you have no use for people like us, Bible freaks, teachers, preachers, life coaches. It has been an honor.

Antigonum Cajan:
Allow me to disagree. No honor to have some Lily Garcia, David Letterman want to be, with lists for depression and what have you.

that is that. Part one of two.

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