Monday, May 2, 2011


I have been mostly designing, measuring, marking, painting for the last couple of weeks. The result went beyond expectation in the north garden considering  the effect of new paint and squares and rectangles on vegetation.  It seems to be on a high relief, brought forward If I may.

The sidewalk construction, brought some ideas ( see post in Bouret Street Sidewalk Blues in The virgin sand allowed me to restore a couple of gardens in the north and west side corners, using orange/yellow smooth slate.  The The first is the herbs site, the other is moving towards succulents. No pictures yet, but soon.

The color scheme: Battleship, Platinum, Equestrian Gray, Sand Beige and Anti Slip Gray. The area is forty two feet long, eight feet and a half wide.  I had to cover plenty of cracks and holes with concrete and crack filler. This improved somewhat the uneven, rough surface.

As a result, weeds will have less room to grow, less herbicide to spray, less work in essence. This collateral benefit has made the job wider in scope since the intention was to hide the ugly concrete to enhance the area. Now it looks more attractive and has certainly transformed the whole looks of the space.

If you want to have a wider view of the changes, in terms of light and shade drop by FLICKR. 

The first orange Hibiscus bloomed after a year. This bush was collected in Sagrado Corazon street, next door to an old farts nursery. Unfortunately, they got rid of it, and is bare soil now. I was lucky. 

Let the record show that I have noticed, it has been mentioned before that our isle Sierra Club, with a USA national spoke person, Camila Fiebelman and the nationalist/communist fellows from Casa Pueblo are not together environmentally wise. The foreigner is into el Corredor Ecologico and the endemics into el Gasoducto de La Muerte. Antigonum is with neither one, since I trace my own path.

Bouret Horticultural Society: Patrimony of the Caribbean.
Antigonum Cajan
 King of the Humbles

 Legend on his own mind
 Buahaja bilingual one.

that is that.
apagad e idos.

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  1. Wow! I love the colours on the floor. They compliment your plants well. And the best part is, your plants still stands out nicely. Have a great week!


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