Thursday, May 26, 2011


FROM THE START,  I have suggested the use of botanicals to avoid confusion and time waste when researching. I will present two more examples, since some readers seem to enjoy the mode.

It does not matter where you live, some plants have names used  in distant or close by countries having nothing to do with the ones familiar to in your neck of the woods

Aleli or Alheli is one example. The second spelling is suspiciously Arabic, but you, please research that, The issue is simple. If you search under either one, in most cases 8-9 out of ten the result is Cheiranthus cheiri, not Plumeria alba..

The big classical deal? Well, in our investigation or musical case, your Phillip Marlowe, or humble servant  declares that this tune
Capullito de Aleli, composed by a black fellow, Rafael Hernandez, from Aguadilla City in the concrete/asphalt, one of the great composers along  Agustin Lara, Ernesto Lecuona and many others may have been inspired by Plumerias and not Cheiranthus when he wrote this immaculate melody. Why? I have never seen the others or virtual impostors with a similar name. Besides, even if in doubt, the beauty and fragrance ot its flowers, will leave no choice.

Not all is peaches and cream with Plumerias. There is one ugly ducking in the family with the best looking flowers and worst architecture: Plumeria pudica. I do not like the leaves either, but some people in Puerto Rico enjoy them.

Now, Nat King Cole, a oddity when you put together two plus two in the historical cultural trends of USA. A black fellow not handsome like Harry Belafonte (no I am not gay), a television star, one of the greatest of during the Jim Crow years, as brutal as the Apartheid Era, was probably the FIRST cross over STAR ever.

If anyone thinks Nat King Cole was a spectacular singer, with an original voice technique, in either Spanish or English, take some time to watch him at the piano in a trio/quartet setting playing some hot, cool, swinging jazz.

I warn fans and foes, there are a few more examples regarding the subject. There is no other way to treat this wonderful theme. Music, botanical names, cultural bio-diversity and nomenclature...Buahaja thinks I of the foolish architect in el museo de arte, when in a futile attempt to be cool quoted Shakespeare, A rose is a rose or some similar crap. FIN.

that is that
apaga i vamonoh.


I chose this clip for two reasons, the first is Nat King Cole,
the second is Havana/Habana. The San Juan metro zone,
 looks dilapidated like that wonderful city. Day by day, it is getting closer to it and expanding its territory, fungi like.

Perhaps, they may think, Puerto Rico could compete to attract  the tourism that may enjoy the abandoned cemetery quality 
of some/many streets and barrios in that city.

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