Thursday, May 26, 2011


What do you know...This clip was chosen among the following: Jimmy Dorsey, I prefer the music of his brother,
Lecuona Cuban Boys, Ennio Morricone, Benny Goodman the second best, and the film version used in Once Upon a Time in America, a story of betrayal,  one of the best ten films ever from Hollywood in color, not colored,  in your humbleness opinion. Placido Domingo was considered, but I prefer Franco Corelli or even better Jussi Bjorling.

At any rate amapolas are two different things if you live in Europe/Asia or America to name two. The most profitable flower in the world, Papaver rhoeas, in addition of creating many addicts used to deal with pain, causing thousands of deaths for its manufacture, packing, distribution and selling   since it is one of the varieties used to manufacture OPIUM and other drugs like heroin.

On the other hand, amapolas, for most people in America is/are Hibiscus, if I am mistaken, feel free to throw the first stone.

So there. When you listen to the tune, AMAPOLA, no matter if the instrumental, operatic voices, tropical music or the one in the clip, an orchestra known in their house...What do you think off: Hibiscus/Papaver, both, none or one of the two. 

The clip was chosen for botanical correctness. It  shows both species even if the composer, Joseph La Calle, Spanish, was inspired by one of the two. Papaver. This shows Roberto's cultural sophistication if you ask me. The music is secondary since this is a blog about horticulture....most of the time.

That is that. 


Do not worry about a thing. I do not intend to use 
a video clip as other bloggers with nothing to say/write do, when bored and lame on TOP.
It will be within the context of the garden, horticulture and perception. The way it should be unless one is just into music.

logo, is courtesy of Tito Collazo,
graphic artist, friend and neighbor. Thanks!

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